Wikimedia and Libraries User Group/Meeting minutes/2019/April/17

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April 17, 2019[edit]

  • Attending: Merrilee, Mylee, Orly, Frederick, Clifford, Houcem, Simon, Aaron
  • Regrets: Rajene
  • Not attending: Ayokanmi


  • Wikimedia Foundation Inc. Affiliate selected board seats
    • The Wikimedia Foundation Inc. Board of Trustees is holding an election for two seats on the Board. All affiliate groups, including Wikimedia and Libraries User Group (WLUG), are invited to participate in the process of nominating and electing suitable people to these important roles. See the resolution
    • Responsibility: Merrilee
    • WLUG will participate by alerting all user group members of the election timeline and inviting them to provide input to WLUG steering committee via email or on meta.
    • WLUG will determine a transparent candidate evaluation criteria and share it with the WLUG user community. Investigating the Wm-NL criteria rubric as a guide. Steering committee to discuss via email.
    • Responsibility: all
  • WLUG Goal Focus discussion
    • Develop a plan to engage with libraries in communities with historically low participation in Wikimedia projects:
    • Future International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) World Library and Information Congresses (e.g. Greece, August 2019) are an opportunity to highlight these type of projects to a global library audience.
    • Who will attend to IFLA this year? If so, will share insights ______
  • Encourage colleagues from less advantaged countries to apply for WMF travel grants to attend conferences.
    • Responsibility: Clifford Anderson
    • It would be valuable to highlight and index existing training materials for librarians and Wikimedians for collaboration and projects. Meta is not easy to navigate if you are not familiar with the organisation.
    • Responsibility: Rajene Hardeman
  • Tunisian approach to supporting user group-led projects.
    • In Tunisia a digitisation project linked together the librarians and the Wikipedians (limited to books that are in the public domain); no government funding to support the digitisation project. A local initiative working with librarians. A good case study to promote within our user group emphasising digital skill development and also effective partnerships.
    • That activity is a model for proactive role that librarians can take in wiki-libraries partnership. Orly offered to set a video conference with the librarians to here more from them, to declare our support and acknowledgment. Also if there will be a short clip we can spread it.
    • Responsibility: Merrilee / Houcem
  • Enlarging the User Group
    • Focus on goal 3 expand the base of the user group, reach out to more librarians, arise engagement and discussion within the members.
    • Responsibility: Orly Simon, Clifford Anderson

Next meeting: 15 May 2019