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August, 21 2019[edit]

  • Attending: Merrilee, Mylee, , Frederick, Clifford, Houcem, Simon, Aaron,Felix
  • Regrets: Rajene, Orly
  • Not attending: Ayokanmi


Training Resources: Rajene is coordinating the document and sections on Wikidata will be expanded to include Wikidata Query Service documentation and examples. The SPARQL Wikibook is also very useful for learning to query Wikidata. There was discussion about the need to include a Wikisource section due to its popularity with librarians. Responsibility: Rajene, Simon and all.

WLUG - Group coordination and focus activities

  • Communication and presence at industry events
  • WikidataCon - Simon will make a poster to display at WikidataCon in Berlin, Germany in October 2019. This could be a libraries or WLUG poster. We can reuse the user group poster. In WLUG messaging overall it would be good to use more inclusive language (eg not everyone who works in libraries is a librarian). It would be good to highlight examples of what libraries are doing.Responsibility: Simon
  • Twitter Bot - It was suggested that a bot to tweet Wikipedia articles, Commons images etc. relevant to the WLUG may be beneficial. Responsibility: Simon to investigate
  • Wikimania - Zaydani Library (Arabic: الخزانة الزيدانية, Al-Khizaana Az-Zaydaniya) collection is held in the library of El Escorial. A discussion about a digitisation opportunity was held at the Wikimedian in Residences meetup. Simon will report back at the next meeting. Responsibility: Simon
  • WikiConference North America - November 8 - 11, 2019 in Boston. The call for papers has not yet been published, however it may be possible to propose a panel on Wikimedia and Libraries.
  • Writing libraries into Wikidata - There is an opportunity to introduce more library staff to Wikidata via creating a process guide to write libraries into Wikidata. Wm Sweden have a similar Finding GLAMs project ( Clifford suggests WLUG also investigate the Cradle tool. Further examples include Public library systems in California:

The Wikipedia Library - TWL Team can directly work with the WLUG for collaborative outreach efforts.

It was suggested that for #1lib1ref both work together to provide coordinated support to participants (organizers & individual participants). Noting that some members of WLUG are already active in #1lib1ref. Working together to draw project plans to start applying for SAPG or Project Grants. This may include providing support for affiliate who run campaigns (e.g. #1lib1ref, Wiki loves libraries & any future campaigns)

Providing other forms of support; organizing office hours to train people on topics we care about;

the importance of citation on local Wikipedia’s

how to participate in 1lib1ref

general office hours on interventions within the Wikipedia and library space

Felix plans to attend the next meetings to discuss further and work with the team to support WLUG activities.Responsibility: Felix

Next meeting

  • 18 September 2019