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19 June 2019[edit]

  • Attending: Merrilee, Aaron, Rajene, Simon, Hocem, Orly, Clifford
  • Apologies: Mylee, Hocem
  • Not attending: Frederick, Ayokanmi

1lib1ref Google Hangout report (Merrilee and Mylee) 29/30 May 2019[edit]

We had 6 participants; including Siobhan (NZ) aka Ambrosia10; Pru (Wm-Au); Hilary (US), Arcadia (US). Great promotion of edit-a-thon at NZ National Library “for librarians and the wiki-curious”; the issue of heritage documents and DOIs was raised; Biodiversity Library. Merrilee lodged a report here:

The Wikimedia and Libraries User Group would like to host a session to get feedback on the hashtag tool statistics page. If you are interested in joining a discussion to give feedback on the tool please send an email to me and we will organize a virtual discussion around the availability of those that are interested.

Wikidata signed statements[edit]

(Simon) I will be meeting tomorrow (Thursday, 20th June) with Jan Dittrich from Wikimedia Deutschland to discuss how signed statements can be used by institutions. Brief information about signed statements is available here ( - it is a development to help reassure institutions that the integrity of data they contribute can be maintained. I would like to discuss how the user group can feed into this discussion. Generally, I am thinking we could try to improve communication between user group members and WMF staff and/or developers through liaison.

Libraries at Wikimania[edit]

(Simon) Not sure if this is steering committee business. It looks like there are enough submissions for a Wikidata track (or day). If this is viable, I am ready and willing to help. [I will discuss with Merrilee at another time if that is more appropriate]. [Note from Merrilee -- there was a decision from the Wikimania team NOT to have a Wikidata track at Wikimania and instead focus on having Wikidata content embedded in various existing tracks including Libraries. We’ve had a number of submissions related to Wikidata in Libraries and will be “curating” appropriately and in conjunction with those who have submitted).

Report from Outreach Task Group (Orly)[edit]

Felix Nartey to replace Jake Orlowitz[edit]

Following up on our steering committee meeting last week, we welcome Felix Nartey to the steering committee. Felix will be serving in an Ex Officio capacity, along with his TWL colleague Aaron. (From Merrilee) I want to thank Jake Orlowitz for his work and inspiration -- I think of Jake as User Group member zero, since I believe he came up with the idea for this user group, or at the very least invited me to join at its inception.

Training Resources:[edit]

Rajene has started a document.

Wikimedia Space:[edit]

The Wikimedia Foundation's Community Engagement department is launching Wikimedia Space, a platform for movement organizers, affiliates, contributors, partners, and the Foundation to share news, questions, and conversations. Could be a good way to manage a calendar of library events, among other things?