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  • Helping set up and track the impact of edit-a-thons and workshops at libraries
  • Reaching out to and working with librarians to help them become Wikipedia contributors
  • Increasing participation in campaigns including Open Access Week and #1lib1ref
  • Participating in open access initiatives and advocacy

SWOT analysis[edit]

SWOT Helpful Harmful
Internal Origin
  1. Diverse group: countries, gender
  2. Diversity in library types: “state”, “academic/research”, no public librarian but some of us work with public librarians
  3. Library knowledge, Wikipedia Wknowledge
  4. Support of other members of the User Group
  5. Experience in working in the Library+Wikipedia intersection, lots of know-how
  6. some WMF staff support
  7. One of the strengths of this group is the fact that there are some founding members still here and could pass on some experiences
  1. No resources, no budget, all volunteers (with other busy lives)
  2. Just advisory. No capacity to enforce decisions, only to influence
  3. Multiple timezones, makes it harder to hold meetings
  4. Newness of the group, most of us have never worked together before.
  5. Coming from different backgrounds, timezones, cultures and having different temperaments
  6. Inability to meet in person
  7. Relationship with Wikipedia Library is somewhat unclear (goals are somewhat different?)
  8. Inability to resource Wikimedia projects that libraries might want to undertake, difficult to locate local Wikipedians to engage with them
External Origin
  1. Spreading the message to the wider library community (staff and patrons) and engaging with them to shift attitudes
  2. Advocating for Wikimedia projects before librarians themselves and the academics
  3. Creating ways for more joint projects between libraries and Wikipedians (edit-athon, digitization, etc)
  4. Roll out more of OCLC course “Wikipedia + Libraries: Better Together” (or things like it)’
  1. Conflict of interest on-wiki as paid editors. Need to remind everyone (librarians and Wikipedians) of en:WP:CURATOR (ok for librarians to write about collections, not a CoI)
  2. Additions to and discussions of the last meeting’s brainstorm list of “what we might do”
  3. If possible, pick a couple of items on that list as our top priorities of things to do first




Open tasks[edit]

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