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Wikimedia and Mandriva

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In the year 2004, Jacques Le Marois, the CEO of Mandriva (formerly Mandrakesoft), has expressed an interest, via an email to Yann, in distributing Wikipedia with the next version of Mandriva Linux (formerly Mandrakelinux). Mandriva has been discontinued.

Points fixed so far[edit]

  • It will first be sold on the Mandriva web site, then included in the next version of the distribution.
  • It will include only the current version of the English and French distribution. Mandriva publishes a French version sold in French speaking countries and an English (international) version sold elsewhere in the world. The English Wikipedia will be sold with the international version of Mandriva Linux.
  • Mandriva asks that the Wikimedia Foundation provide them with a master DVD.
  • Mandriva will take the legal responsibility for this publication.
  • Fair use images should be removed as the publication has to comply with worldwide copyright standards, not US only. Also images without proper licensing information have to be removed.

Images to be kept in en[edit]

{{PD-USGov-Military-Air Force}}

Images to be removed in en[edit]

Anything not tagged and

{{Ordnance Survey Copyright}}
{{CopyrightedFreeUseProvidedThat| ...... }}

Images to be kept in fr[edit]

{{Marque déposée}}

Images to be removed in fr[edit]

Anything not tagged and

{{DomainePublicUSA}} (public domain only in USA)

Articles to be removed[edit]

  • VfD
  • Copyvio
  • POV ?
  • substubs ?
  • articles < 200 bytes ?

DVD main page design[edit]

Proposition for the DVD main page design:

Questions that need answering[edit]

  • Do we include only complete articles or the whole of Wikipedia including stubs? Still to be decided.
    • My preference would be to include everything. Many articles marked as stubs contain useful information. [TS]
      • For any article, it would be nice to have a check box allowing to choose between the CD-ROM version ans the Internet version, the CD-ROM one being always chosen first, and the box being checked by the user only if he/she wants the very last available information on that particular article. 03:32, 9 Oct 2004 (UTC)
    • I think we need to remove everything tagged Copyvio and not NPOV and micro stubs. I wonder for what articles with less than 200 bytes could be useful. Yann 20:59, 24 Sep 2004 (UTC)
      • In such a case, replacing them by URL links would be an interesting idea. 03:32, 9 Oct 2004 (UTC)
  • How do we package it? Several possibilities:

1. Install the encyclopedia on the harddrive along with MediaWiki and needed software.

  • Pros:
    • Easy to package;
    • Easy to update;
  • Cons:
    • Takes a lot of space;
    • Not easily portable;

2. Use a HTML dump of Wikipedia

  • Pros:
    • Easy to navigate, very portable
  • Cons:
    • English alone can be bigger than a DVD if all images are included and all pages are rendered in html. Needs some trimming and/or compression.

3. Use TomeRaider

  • Pros:
    • Already used for portable version
  • Cons:
    • Lack of widespread clients

4. Use a specialized developed software

  • Pros:
    • Can theoretically do what we want
  • Cons:
    • Will take time to plan, design, implement and test

Related links[edit]


  • From a discussion on IRC
    • A skin for static HTML dumps should be made, which could also be useful for other projects.
    • The articles should include a "Update this article through the Internet" links.
    • People may be more inclined to work on this if it will also be useful for other things, like including Wikipedia in all the other linux distros.

A mail[edit]

...I wrote concerning the status of my offline reader:

Back in May (methinks), I created a DVD from the German wikipedia (~1GB). It contained

  • all images from de (via rsync)
  • the de cur table as an "sqlite" database
  • the "tinyweb" webserver fvor Windows
  • my C++ software from the "waikiki" module in the mediawiki CVS
  • a simple, self-written installer. One can install the software only (a few MB), leaving images and database on DVD (slow); install software and database (faster, but still needs DVD for images); install everything (fast, but wastes HD space).

Some points:

  • The same "waikiki" software that serves as a parser/wiki2HTML-converter can also convert a cur SQL dump into the needed sqlite format.
  • There is experimental code for editing/saving articles in the sqlite database.
  • There is *no* code for uploading an offline-edited article, nor is there an auto-update feature. The latter might come soon, though.
  • The latest features of MediaWiki (categories, templates) are currently *not* supported, but shouldn't be too hard to install.

The whole thing *should* work under Linux, except the tinyweb server, which I am sure we can find a replacement for.

-- Magnus Manske (no time to login;-)


The DVD would include a notice like:

The content of this DVD is provided to you by Mandrakesoft from the Wikipedia encyclopedia. Wikipedia is an online free encyclopedia made by many contributors and available at http://www.wikipedia.org/. However, the Wikimedia Foundation is not responsible for the content of the DVD but merely provides technical means to run the website. If you find any content which you think not appropriate for this encyclopedia, you can edit the article online, so that the next version of this DVD will be improved.