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Wikimedia budget/Q4 Hardware

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Budget for Hardware and Colocation, Q4 2004[edit]

This budget assumes that the Wikimedia Foundation will continue to receive donations of older servers and equipment, as we have this past quarter, and that three servers will be set up in France in October as planned (at a colocation facility donating both bandwidth and hosting), lessening the load on our main cluster.

[Projected] Hosting Budget (hardware, hosting + bandwidth)

         Bandwidth*  Hosting*  Hardware   Total cost   
Q3 2004:  $3,000**   $1,050    $24,500     $28,550 
Q4 2004: [$5,050]** [$1,800]   [$45,200]  [$52,050]
  • A donor has pledged half of the colocation costs for Q3 and Q4; figures listed are half of the gross costs.

Colocation details for Q4[edit]

Q4 projected bandwidth: 45 Mbps @ $75/mo = $10,100 for the quarter Q3 average bandwidth was 25 Mbps @$80/mo = $6,000 for the quarter.

This projection is based on growth over the past six months : 85% over 3 months (this is a conservative estimate; recent growth in August and September has been almost twice this fast). Q4 projected hosting costs: $3,600 We recently more than doubled the number of machines in our cluster, and in September moved to a larger space in the hosting facility.

Total: $13,700; 50% of bandwidth and colocation costs donated Net Colocation Total: $6,850

Hardware details for Q4[edit]

(all machines with 3-year warranties)

8 Apaches @ $1.5k = $12k
     P4 3GHz CPUs, 1MB cache,  2x1GB RAM, 1x200GB hard drive  
6 Squids: @ $1.9k = $11.4k
     P4 2.6GHz machine, 4GB RAM, 1x80GB hard drive 
1 Fileserver (backup / WikiCommons) @ $4.2k 
     dual Opteron 242, 2x512MB RAM, 8-port RAID controller, 
     6x250GB hard drives, redundant 460W power supplies
1 Search server @ $5.3k    
     same as fileserver, w/6x1GB RAM
1 Database server (Ariel clone) @ $11.6k
     Dual Opteron 248, 8x1GB RAM (PC2700 ECC), 2-port RAID controller, 
     6x73GB 15k SCSI hard drives (Seagate), redundant power supplies
1 24-port Netgear GS724T Gbit switch @ $700

Hardware Total: $45,200 Hardware + Colocation Total: $52,050