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This is a financial report of Shared Knowledge for the period extending from 1 January to 31 March 2021.

No. Item Description Unit No. of units Amount per unit Total amount Currency Notes
1 Monthly Salary Gross salary for Project and

Administration Manager

month 3 1248.00 3744.00 EUR
2 Cellphone January, February and March month 3 10.82 32.46 EUR Costs provided for the use of a mobile phone
3 Office expenses January, February and March month 3 60,00 180.00 EUR
4 Bookkeeper January, February and March month 3 48,79 146.37 EUR Costs provided for Bookkeeper
5 Central Registry Payment for annual financial statement 2020. n/a n/a 34.14 + 2.43 36.57 EUR mandatory payment for annual statement, and payment for data update in Bank.
6 Board meetings month n/a 360.00 30.00 EUR
7 Awards for editing contest 1lib1ref Editing contest n/a n/a 300.00 300.00 EUR Re-allocated funds from Office maintenance, four participants were awarded
8 Office maintenance 32.00 32.00 EUR Toner for Office printer
9 Edit-a-thons Edit-a-thon 1 n/a n/a 50.00 50.00 EUR We conduct one edit-a-thon on topic Human Right
10 Cultural Heritage We conduct the first part of this project n/a n/a 100.00 100.00 EUR Visiting the University Library in Stip
11 Photohunts n/a n/a 31.70 31.70 EUR We implemented one Photohunt in that quartal, on Skopje Zoo.
12 Bank fees fees charged by the bank to maintain the account and execute transactions n/a n/a 180.00 35.69 EUR Bank fees for Quartal 1
Total 4718.79 4718.79 EUR