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Editing days[edit]

Again we continued the series about editing about Macedonian archaeоlogical sites. That's why the first day of the month was named "Archaeоlogical sites at the Veles Region", which accumulated 32 new articles by three participants. After that, "Cultural Heritage of Western Europe" was on, and attracted two men who were able to make five new pages about their respective world heritage sites. Turning again towards literature, on 9th, the topic was "Works of Jules Verne", a day that gathered two users who wanted to be part of it and created 14 new articles about the artworks of the famous French writer. Five days later, the accent was put on astronomy. This time it was about "Novas/Novae" editing day had produced four totally new articles with volunteer editing of one Wikipedian. Then on 16th, "Macedonian Folk Songs (J)" ED was scheduled and was comprised of one man and score of the created articles was three pages. The 21th day of the month was dedicated for "Administrative Divisions of Belgium" that gave three articles out of three participants. Two days later, "Paintings by Paul Gauguin" has happened and five men edited 26 new articles and one new template. On 28th, the historic ED titled "Bulgarion Monarchs" had an outcome of eight new articles my two men. At the last day of this month, a geography topic was chosen - "Provinces of Chile". That day three Wikipedians participated and created six articles.

Professors mentorship[edit]

This activity was reactivated since mid summer, with the addition of a professor that teaches at the Faculty of Pedagogy, Skopje. She got the basic training lessons in order to easily use Wikipedia and also to mentor and teach and to encourage other fellow professors and students. During the mentorship lesson, one article was created.

Photohunt in Gorno Lisiče suburb[edit]

On September 4, a photohunt was realized in Gorno Lisiče, which is one of most eastern suburbs in Skopje. Within this engagement the most notable sites and buildings were photographed for better illustration of Gorno Lisiče in the Wikipedia articles. 46 images were uploaded on Commons as result of his photohunt.

Editing weekends[edit]

The first weekend was appointed as "Cocktails" and was compiled of two users who created 13 new pages. The next one was "Athletics" and this weekend was participated by three Wikipedians and they edited 14 new creations of articles. 18 and 19 September was focused on "Waterfalls" which got attention of three persons and they wrote six new articles. The last weekend 'hosted' the title "Drama" ant at those two days resulted with 15 brand new articles by two participants.

Wikisketch Lessons[edit]

The Wikisketch Lessons were again started on September 17. In this occasion, we had a chance to mentor the vice president of the Association of Woodcarvers of Macedonia. With our technical help, he managed to create one article and to upload one image. On 23rd, another Wikipedian that was in this activity in July, reactivated. To contrast of all the other wiki lessons, this was a lesson about uploading files on Commons. With our mentorship, he was able to upload three images about the Macedonian Heraldic Society, where he is affiliated. Then the latter, on September 24 and 25, created eleven and improved three articles about the evangelical and protestant movement and organizations in Macedonia.


On September 18, we managed to organize the first ever Wikistand. This activity consist of having a stand at places at are fairly visited, like malls, public squares, busy pedestrian streets where visitors/pedestrians could edit on Wikipedia. With this engagement we bridge the gap between the regular people and the Wikipedia itself. In this occasion we made the stand at a mall in Skopje. Four people got chance to get lecture on Wikipedia and to edit and four participants created four articles. Seven days later, we held the second stand at same place. This time, we got the attention of seven people who created ten articles


The last expedition of the year was in the Municipality of Radoviš, particular in the Juruklak microregion and Radoviš Plain. The exploration and capturing images was from 25 to 26 September.


For the first time, we managed to shoot biology experiments. This was done with the Institute of Biology, the department of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Skopje. The experiments covered variety of biology disciplines such as mycology, microbiology, botany, ecology of plants, and animal physiology. The filming of the videos has occurred on September 29. That day, at the several laboratories of the Institute of Biology, four professors and four assistants were part of the overall making of the experiments. The outcome is 20 videos filmed in span of six hours active work.

Wiki Loves Fashion 2021[edit]


Just like last year, Shared Knowledge joined the international initiative, of Wikimedian branches, to held an editing event about fashion. Our event was in form of a editing week in which the participants could create/improve about fashion designers, models, fashion labels and brands, clothes and etc. Three women were part of the seven day engagement and they managed to create 42 articles and to improve four articles.

Wiki Loves Monuments 2021[edit]

The competition was titled "Wiki Loves Monuments 2021" as part of the international engagement held in the same period. The goal of our contest was participants to capture and/or upload images from sites that are listed as cultural heritage of Macedonia. The targets were sites that did not have any images on Commons. Twelve contesters were part of the WLM in Macedonia and they achieved a number of 800 images. The top three rated images were prized and also the most contributing participant with most covered sites got a prize.

Top 11 rated photographies