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February 2015

Community Support[edit]

50th Vienna Wikipedia Meet-up[edit]

50th Vienna Wikipedia Meet-up

The Wikimedia community in Austria celebrated the 50th Vienna Wikipedia Meet-up (“Stammtisch“) on February 28th. The first Wikipedia Meet-up in Vienna was on May 4th, 2006 (at least according to the official historiography; there was another Wikipedia meeting with Jimmy Wales in Vienna back in 2004). Many of the 20 attendees of 2006 are still active users and some of them are WMAT board members today. The 50th Vienna “Stammtisch“ took place in the Schönbrunn restaurant which has served as the regular location for the monthly meet-up since November 2014. More than 40 Wikimedians attended the event. This could have set a record even compared to the usually high attendance rate at the Vienna meet-up. Because of the German-language Wiktionary conference taking place in Vienna at the same weekend, some guests from Germany came to the meet-up as well.

WMAT invited a core group of 9 “Stammtisch“ participants to an elevator ride at the Donauturm (Danube Tower) in the afternoon before the meet-up in the Schönbrunn restaurant. The Donauturm look-out is part of the German-language Wikipedia folklore because of an infamous Wikipedia naming controversy.

Individuals involved: 42 (active editors: 40, WMAT staff: 2). - WMAT support: tickets for the elevator ride, printing cost for posters.

Vienna Wikipedia Meet-up in the German-language Wikipedia


The WikiDienstag (“WikiTuesday“) is a weekly meet-up in the WMAT office. Volunteers share their knowledge and work together on improving the content of Wikimedia projects.

Topics in February:
  • February 3rd: Software workshop for experienced Wikimedia Commons photographers
  • February 10th: Selecting the “Images of the Week“ of the Wikipedia Portal:Wien (Portal:Vienna)
  • February 17th: Preparing Wiki Loves Earth 2015 in Austria
  • February 24th: Introduction to Wiktionary

Individuals involved: 13 (active editors: 12 (engaging 1 active editor who has formerly not or very rarely been an active WMAT volunteer into the planning and/or executing), WMAT staff: 1) - WMAT support: infrastructure, co-organisation, promotion.

WikiDienstag in the German-language Wikipedia

Free Content Generation[edit]

Busts in the aula of the Austrian Academy of Sciences[edit]

The Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), founded in 1847, is the biggest institution for basic research beyond university walls in Austria. A first meeting of WMAT representatives with ÖAW representatives took place in November 2013. Since then, we have stayed in contact and carried out several joint activities like Wiki meets Austrian Academy of Sciences in January 2014 and the Vienna GLAM Meeting in September 2014. From February 11th to 13th, the ÖAW invited Wikimedia to their international Redefining e-Lexicography Conference in Vienna. During the conference, a thorough series of 65 photos of busts of famous scientists in the historical ÖAW building was created for Wikimedia Commons.

Individuals involved: 3 (active editors: 2, ÖAW representative: 1). – WMAT support: photography post-processing software, Wikipedia lanyards.

Images on Wikimedia Commons
Redefining e-Lexicography (in German)
Third ENeL Action meeting in Vienna

Reach / Free Knowledge Awareness[edit]

Media Database[edit]

WMAT's press relations had relied mainly on a charged distribution service by the Austrian Press Agency and on a limited number of contacts to journalists. In order to became more independent in our press work and to broaden and diversify our media reach, we created a new media database with 108 individual press contacts. Our database includes comprehensive data on relevant media in Austria. From now on, different distribution lists can be created easily. This allows us to focus on specific target groups depending on the topic we want to address.

Individuals involved: 2 (WMAT staff: 2).

2nd school workshop in Sitzendorf[edit]

This workshop was a follow-up to the first Wikipedia school workshop in the village of Sitzendorf last month. The 36 pupils and 3 teachers could enhance their skills concerning Wikipedia and free knowledge.

Individuals involved: 40 (active editors: 1). - WMAT support: information material.

School projects in our members wiki (in German)
E-learning on the school website (in German)

Movement Sustainability[edit]

Communication Channels for Volunteer Supporters Network[edit]


The Volunteer Supporters Network (VSN), a working group of individuals from Wikimedia organizations dealing with volunteer/community support, was founded in November 2014 as a coinitiative of the German language Wikimedia chapters. In order to enhance the spirit of global cooperation and innovation, the VSN created a mailing list ( and decided to hold regular conference calls once a month.

Individuals involved: 11 (WMAT staff: 1).

Learning Pattern[edit]

  • In February we prepared our FDC impact report for 2014. We put a lot of thought into how we can make our work and the context in which we are operating more tangible for the wider movement and decided to conduct interviews with some of our most important project partners in order to use their perspective on WMAT's work to enrich our reporting. We created a learning pattern to share our insights during this process.