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This is the annual activity report of Wikimedia Belgium over the year 2019.

Large activities[edit]

Wiki Club Brussels[edit]

Wiki Club Brussels

The bi-weekly Wiki Club Brussels is an edit-a-thon every 2 weeks at Tuesday evening at BeCentral, a shared office space above the Central Station in Brussels, in collaboration with Open Knowledge Belgium.

Hack The Gender Gap edit-a-thon[edit]

Hack the Gender gap

The goal of this evening session was to learn women to write articles about well-known women that does not have yet an article. It was a very successful evening. More than 70 participants, 54 articles written. We met several women organisations in Brussels and we could explain to them how they could write good articles about women.

Students of the Erasmushogeschool Brussels[edit]

The students of the Erasmus Brussels learning to write Wikipedia pages as part of their curriculum.

Belgian women at the Chiroux library[edit]

An edit-a-thon for women in the library of Chiroux in Liège.

Wikipédia Mois de la contribution 2019 Namur[edit]

iNaturalist meets Wiki workshop in Meise Botanic Garden[edit]

Wikipedia writing workshop for Amnesty International Vlaanderen in Brussels[edit]

Amnesty International

Wikify Antwerpen[edit]

At the Wikify Antwerp meeting we collaborated with the university students where they could write about cultural subjects related to Antwerp as part of their curriculum guided by Wikimedia Belgium and by their professor and assistants. We could use a lot of material from the library that was digitized before.

Schrijven voor Wikipedia Ternat[edit]

We organised with the library of Ternat several writing sessions to learn how to write for Wikipedia, targeted to local subjects.

Wikiwoordenboek Breda[edit]

A project to create a database of Dutch lexemes on Wikidata.

Wikiwoordenboek Breda

Wikidata conference and workshops at UGent[edit]

UGent Wikidata

The Wikidata conference in Ghent was organisze with the faculty of human sciences.

Informatie aan zee[edit]

Informatie aan Zee

For informatie aan Zee we had a two days booth in Oostende, Where we met hundreds of libraries and people working for Knowledge organizations.

Photographie Maison Losseau[edit]

UCL SmartMonday[edit]

During an evening session we gave in introduction to Wikidata, Wikipedia, and Wikimedia Commons, and showed the students how the family of applications can contribute to free knowledge.

Schrijven voor Wikipedia VGC Brussel[edit]

We learned several library people how to write for Wikipedia.

Schrijven voor Wikipedia UGent[edit]

At the University library of the University of Ghent we learned librarians how to write for Wikipedia and how to benefit from Wikidata, and Wikimedia Commons.

Wikipedia workshop in La Delta Namur[edit]

We explained women how writing for Wikipedia could be very interesting.

Wiki Loves Heritage 2019[edit]

Wiki Loves Heritage 2019 produced fewer uploads than the year before during the European year of Heritage, but the images were of much better quality.


Volunteers active in Wikimedia Belgium visit regularly conferences and conference like events (study days, symposiums, seminars, workshops, etc) inside and outside Belgium to stay informed, to inspire organisations to release materials on Wikimedia Commons, to get ideas for new activities, and more, all to improve the content of Wikipedia and her sister projects.



On 2-3 February the annual conference FOSDEM took place at the ULB in Brussels. Wikimedia had no stand at the conference, but many Wikimedians from various countries visited the conference.

Open Belgium[edit]

Open Belgium is an annual conference about open knowledge, open data and more in Belgium. This year's edition was organised in Brussels.

Wikimedia Summit in Berlin[edit]

At the yearly Wikimedia summit in Berlin we can meet other affiliates, the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees and other movement groups, and allows the chairpersons to meet all other peers together in one central place. The main topics were discussing about the strategy 2030. The conference is used to exchange experiences, share best practices, and learn about tools and projects. From the board of Wikimedia Belgium the chair joined the conference, and one board member attended the new board member training.

Wikimedia Hackathon in Prague[edit]

Wikimedia Hackathon 2019

At the Wikimedia hackathon in Prague we learned to use several additional tools to bring together and structure a lot of open data and free knowledge to be documented in Wikipedia, Wikidata, and Wikimedia Commons.

Wikimania in Stockholm[edit]

Two board members participated with Wikimania in Stockholm.

WikiConvention francophone[edit]

WikiConvention francophone 2019

The WikiConvention francophone was organised by the French community by Wikimedia France, for the first time outside France, in Brussels. There was an interesting pre-conference training session.

Wiki Techstorm Amsterdam[edit]

Two of our Belgium members participated for free at the Amsterdam session to learn all kinds of digital techniques related to the MediaWiki software.

Strategic campaigns[edit]

Book "Schrijven voor Wikipedia"[edit]

Volunteers who followed a training, and succeeded to write minimum one good article received a complimentary book "Schrijven voor Wikipedia".

Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund[edit]

We were recognised by the “Koning Boudewijnstichting” as a national caritative organisation, so that we can issue tax certificates for gifts.

Social media[edit]

Wikimedia Belgium is also active on social media to reach out to the world about our activities, projects, and to promote the vision of free knowledge with the people in Belgium and beyond.

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General Assembly[edit]

The general assembly was organised in Brussels on 15 June 2019.

Board meetings[edit]

View See board meeting for more information


Event Editors New editors Articles edited Articles created References added Total edits Main edits Article talk Userspace edits Article views Upload count Used in articles All usage #Sessions
Wiki Club Brussels 126 37 552 70 506 2013 1325 8 163 1847421 85 32 89 15
Wikify Antwerpen 19 1 38 5 55 223 163 0 30 173680 2 2 3 1
Iedereen Wiki Ternat 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 5
VGC Brussel 11 5 14 2 0 81 38 0 35 8689 0 0 0 2
Boekentoren 20 4 12 2 1 136 29 0 63 19774 8 5 5 2
Wikithon Le Delta 6 3 1 1 2 24 1 0 17 63 0 0 0 1
Wiki Loves Heritage Belgium 19 7 2291 268 353 12104 6008 30 288 5428801 1828 468 929 1
Total 219 75 2926 366 229 14599 7582 56 614 7478446 1941 525 1044 27

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