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This report was approved on 6th April 2013 by the General assembly (GA). The GA then suggested several amendments to the report, submitted by members during the GA and after it, until 21st April 2013, and decided that the amended version will be made available to the Auditory committee until 31 May 2013. This version is the amended one, reflecting the suggestions of the members.

The source data for this document are specified in the original Czech document and include material provided by our accountant created for archiving purposes as well as documents for local tax authorities and the Tracker database of our chapter. In 2012 the income of the chapter was 120,539 CZK and the expenses totalled 528,283 CZK. The income does not include grant money transferred from the previous year. The overall balance was negative, totalling to -407,742 CZK.

Cash desk[edit]

At the beginning of 2012 the balance of the cash desk was 73,389 CZK. This amount decreased to 16,911 CZK at the end of the year. This decrease was caused by several cash operations for grant purposes (ticket 151 and others), foreign travels (10 years anniversary of Polish Wikipedia in 2011) as well as expenses for the Czech Wikipedia Development Prizes (Ceny za rozvoj české Wikipedie). The principal cash expenses were in December 2012. Among other expenses are the promotional chapter flags (3,480 CZK) to be used for presentation and some minor payments which do not surpass 700 CZK. The total expenses of the cash desk in 2012 were 82,731 CZK. The income of the cash desk breaks down to 13 membership fees paid in cash (2,600 CZK), a cash withdrawal from our account (10,000 CZK) and sold books (680 CZK). Receipts (tickets in our terminology) solved by cash means in the beginning of 2012 amounted to a total income of 12,973 CZK. The total income thus amounted to 26,653 CZK.

Account balance[edit]

Principal transactions on our account correspond to our „consolidated“ grants. The large decrease on the saving EUR account (- 307 160 CZK) is caused by transferring money to CZK accounts to be able to pay out our grant expenses.

stavy na účtech suma
main account 1. 1. 2012. 3,026.29 CZK
main account 31. 12. 2012. 13,557.87 CZK
saving account 1. 1. 2012. 70,235.89 CZK
saving account 31. 12. 2012. 87,907.17 CZK
bound money account 1. 1. 2012. 18,678.64 CZK
bound money account 31. 12. 2012. 100.76 CZK
bound money saving account 1. 1. 2012. 37,419.39 CZK
bound money saving account 31. 12. 2012. 24,356.82 CZK
grant account 1. 1. 2012. 8,742.23 CZK
grant account 31. 12. 2012. 2,144.26 CZK
grant saving account 1. 1. 2012. 258.25 CZK
grant saving account 31. 12. 2012. 1,678.99 CZK
grant account EUR 1. 1. 2012. 7,089.32 CZK
grant account EUR 31. 12. 2012. 4,913.10 CZK
grant saving account EUR 1. 1. 2012. 778,655.86 CZK
grant saving account EUR 31. 12. 2012. 471,495.42 CZK

Income and expenses[edit]

Our chapter continued to use grant money from years 2009/2010. A total of 794,405 CZK was transferred from the previous years. From that, 300,053 CZK were spent in 2012.

Income Amount
Membership fees 9,407.00 CZK
Bank interests 6,379.93 CZK
Sponsorship 16,766.00 CZK
New WMF grants 0.00 CZK
Non-WMF grants 0.00 CZK
Other income 87,987.00 CZK[1]
Income in total 120 539.93 CZK
Expenses Amount
Banking fees 279.00 CZK
Accountancy 10,800.00 CZK
Chapter HQ 1,000.00 CZK
Grant projects and bound money 494,701.00 CZK
Other expenses 21,502.74 CZK[2]
Expenses in total 528,282.74 CZK
Balance -407,742.81 CZK


  1. Not a real income in practice. The ticket no. 156 is rather a deal with a major Czech magazine to provide an advertisement for our movement.
  2. Other fees and expenses caused by changes in the exchange rate.