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Wikimédia France Report
September 2012

Association's action for the past few weeks

Board of Trustees

On September 16, Willie Robert, trustee and secretary since March 2011, quit for personal motives. He remains a member of Wikimédia France even if he will be less active in the organization.

Benjamin Smith (Benjism89) has become the secretary instead of Willie Robert; Caroline Becker (Léna) has become the deputy-treasurer instead of Benjamin Smith.

Media exposure

On September 2 and 16, Jean-Frédéric was invited by L’écho des Gnous, a radio program about free software on local station Radio Campus Lille, to speak about Wiki Loves Monuments.

Listen to the program from September 2 on Chtinux website.

On September 9, Rémi Mathis was invited on the program Soft Power on the national public radio France Culture, from 7PM to 8PM.

Listen to the program on France Culture website.

Hervé (SammyDay) spoke in the program Les matins Luxe on the Morroccan station Luxe Radio.

News from the "cabals" (local meetings)

Cabal of Toulouse

Within the framework of Wiki Loves Monuments, the Toulouse cabal organized an editing workshop for Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons at the library of Toulouse on Saturday September 22. This event was not very successful, there was actually few participants.

Working groups' actions


This month, the working group went on organizing the Rencontres Wikimédia (Wikimedia Meetings). They will take place at the university Paris-Descartes on December 14 and 15. There will speak, among others, the university President and Aurélien Bellanger, author of La Théorie de l’information (The theory of information).


On September 24, Carol Ann spoke in a class of ten-year-old pupils to launch an education project. The aim is to introduce pupils to Wikipedia, notably by enhancing the Wikipedia article of their city Damville (Normandy, Western France).


Vierge à l’enfant : Nostre Dame de Grasse
- Daniel Martin pour le musée des Augustins de Toulouse, CC-BY-SA.

On September 11, two members of the association, in other respects administrators on Wikimedia Commons, spent the morning at the musée des Augustins in Toulouse (South-West France) in order to train the staff to contribute on Commons. At this occasion the uploading interface of Commons was assessed from the point of view of a cultural institution and the intellectual property rights policy was discussed. A number of high quality pictures in low resolution will be uploaded in the next months by the staff of the arts museum.

Still at the Musée des Augustins, Carol Ann took part in a contribution teaching workshop on museum related art history themes. This workshop was aimed at the hypokhâgne students of the lycee Saint-Sernin, in line with the workshops that took place in 2011-2012.

See project page on Wikipédia.

The OpenGlam report, prepared since spring 2012 with Wikimedians, members of cultural institutions, and lawyers has been published on September 17. It has been widely circulated and sent to the ministry of culture.

See le billet sur le rapport Open Glam on the association blog.

Since the end of August, and further to a contribution teaching workshop organized by M0tty and Adrienne, the Mundaneum (museum located in Mons, Belgium) improves contents linked to its subject. It aims to reuse them as QR codes during its exhibition that starts on October 9, 2012 on the history of internet beginnings.

See page du projet on Wikipédia.

A partnership is being discussed with the Cité de la céramique in Sèvres (Hauts-de-Seine) to organize photographic and video shootings documenting the know-how of the workers of the Manufacture nationale de Sèvres.


On September 13, Adrienne presented GLAM projects to museum curators and reseachers during a study day at the Institut national d’histoire de l’art. The afternoon was spent doing workshops on simulating content broadcasting on the internet.


On September 19, Adrienne and Rémi Mathis took part in the third work meeting on museum photography organized by the ministry of culture, further to the open letter sent in Spring 2012. This meeting was about legal issues about the right to make pictures in museums. The next meeting will be on the use of the pictures.

See about photography in museums and the action of Wikimédia France on the association blog (May 2012).


Sébastien Baijard has joined Wikimédia France staff as Head of fundraising.

He will be in charge of the annual fundraising campaign but also, throughout the year, to promote donors relations and loyalty, to communicate about Wikimedia France actions to raise funds and to optimize others donations channels.


September 20th, Adrienne, director of programs and Rémi, president of Wikimedia France, met with representatives of the UPP-auteurs (Union des photographes professionnels, a French professional photographers union). The meeting was set up at the request of Wikimédia France following UPP attacks against free licences and Wikimedia France actions like Wiki loves monuments. The discussions were heated but unsuccessful.

Photo and reports

Aérial picture of château de la Madeleine in Chevreuse (Yvelines).
ToucanWings, CC-BY-SA 3.0

On September 16th, for the cultural heritage days, volunteers attended to an experiment flight session with a UAV to take aerial picture of château de la Madeleine in Chevreuse (Yvelines). The pictures were taken by Sylvain an expert in aerial photography and founder of ToucanWing association. Those pictures were released under CC-BY-SA and were imported on Wikimedia Commons. It was a first experiment to get aerial pictures under free licence for Wikimedia France.


After getting an accreditation for the Festival du Bout du Monde in August, Thesupermat got an accreditation to cover la Fête de l'Humanité in la Courneuve on September 14-15th. He was able to take pictures of almost all the concerts and of a few political debates. He also got a media pass for the Mondial de l'automobile in Paris, where among thousands of photographers and journalists from all over the world, he made a photo report, focusing mainly on the vehicles showed on world premiere. It is important to highlight the fact that all those accreditations have been obtained thanks to the association's support.

Research and university

On September 25th, Carol Ann and Litlok ran a booth at the conference « Communicate science via internet », at the Institut Pasteur in Paris.


On September 18th and 25th a grant for projects took place at the École centrale of Lille for the students. Coordinated by Rémi Bachelet and animated by Esprit Fugace, Pierre-Yves Guerder and Carol Ann, this action aimed at offering to the students three wikipedia-related projects in two years in partnership with Wikimedia France.


This month, the members of the jury of the Wikimedia France research price have met to select the five most influent papers in past years among around thirty proposals. The announcement and the start of the election to pick the winner will take place in the beginning of October.

Wiki Loves Monuments

This contest aiming at promoting the cultural heritage took place during the month of September in 35 countries worldwide.

A total of more than 350,000 photographs have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, including 27,280 for France.



  • Contributors to the 50th monthly newsletter in French (from which this report is derived) : Anthere, Bapti, CarolAnnO, Jean-Frédéric et Serein with Edhral, Léna, Ofol, PierreSelim, Wikinade et Zetud.
  • Contributors to this newsletter: Seb35, PierreSelim and Mariiwakura with Bapti, Matou91, TCY and Wikinade.