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Wikimédia France Report
January 2013

Last weeks[edit]

Death notice[edit]

Rosier - Angers, 4 octobre 2008.
Coyau, CC-BY-SA-3.0.

François Garandeau, who was known as Rosier on the Wikimedia projects and had been elected to the Board of Trustees on the last General Assembly of December 1, died in the night of January 27 to 28 at the age of 67 from a serious disease who took her away in a few weeks.

Read the Wikimédia France homage (in French) on the organization's blog.


Since January 21, Wikimédia France has had a new Administrative Assistant.

Media coverage[edit]

On January 10 the TV channel M6 broadcasted in the framework of the topic "Explain us" of the evening journal The 19:45 a brief subject titled « The hoaxes on Wikipedia » presented by Jérôme Dussart. The conciseness of the expose didn’t loose of exactitude, and, above the modesty of the format, it was probably one of the best document broadcasted in the TV about the encyclopædia.

See the video (2'10) on the M6 website (in French).
The regional channel Alsace 20 during one of the Wikipermanences in Strasbourg.
— Ctruongngoc, CC-BY-SA 3.0.

On January 22 the journal of 13 o’clock in the regional TV channel France 3 Alsace presented a reportage about the illustration of the Wikipedia articles and notably one of the Wikimédia France photographs, Ctruongngoc.


On January 28 a reportage about Wikipedia has been broadcasted in the emission On n’est pas des pigeons (We’re not pigeons) in the RTBF (Radio-Télévision belge de la communauté française) in which was interviewed one of the Belgian members of Wikimédia France, M0tty.

See the video (vers 18') on the RTBF website.

On January 30, Kyah117 and Ctruongngoc received the regional TV channel Alsace 20 in the Center of digital culture in order to create a reportage about the Wikipedia contributors and about the organisation of the Wikipermanences in Strasbourg. The reportage was broadcasted many times in the evening and the next day.

See the video of the emission of Alsace 20 on Youtube.

Public domain day[edit]

Similarly to 2012 a day was organised to celebrate the entrance into the public domain of works of numerous authors. On January 31 an evening was organized in the Centre Pompidou with panels and presentations related to the news about the public domain and whose one of the objectives was to raise awareness in the public about the reuse and the promotion of the works which access or are already in the public domain. Wikimédia France, represented by Adrienne Charmet-Alix and Rémi Mathis, was co-organizer of the event with the Open Knowledge Foundation France (Okfn), SavoirsCom1 and La Quadrature du Net (LQDN).

Other actions were also made by the local group in Toulouse as well as joint actions with Creative Commons France.

See the official website of the Public Domain Day, with the list of authors and artists who enter into the public domain in 2013.

Working groups' actions[edit]





Photos and reports[edit]

Semi-final of the Challenge international de Paris 2013 (foil World Cup tournament): Andrea Baldini (left) versus Giorgio Avola (right).
— Jastrow, CC-BY.

Marie-Lan (Jastrow) got an accreditation for the Challenge international de Paris, a foil competition.

See the specific category on Wikimedia Commons.

Fabrice (Thesupermat), was at the Festival automobile international, with the support of Wikimedia France.

See the specific category on Wikimedia Commons.

Pyb had new accreditations for Wommen's soccer matches: PSG-Toulouse and PSG-Montpellier.


Claude (Ctruongngoc) covered the press conference of the Turkish sociologist Pınar Selek with the writer Günter Wallraff, and the 3rd Forum européen de bioéthique.

See Pinar Selek and Forum européen de bioéthique on Wikimedia Commons.

Research and university[edit]



  • Contributors to the 54th monthly newsletter in French (from which this report is derived): Ash Crow, Auregann, Bapti, CarolAnnO, Crochet.david, Ctruongngoc, Jastrow, Ludo29, Moyg, PierreSelim, Sbaijard, Serein, Thesupermat, Vigneron, Wikinade and Zetud.