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November 3
  • Moebius 90.9 radio show: "From Lenin to pan de muerto [bread of the dead]".
November 4
November 6
  • Participation of Iván Martínez in the meeting held at Fonoteca Nacional: "From copyright to copyleft. Intellectual property of files".
November 11
November 12
  • Conference offered by Iván Martínez: "El impacto de la Reforma en Telecomunicaciones [The effects of the telecommunications reform]", Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero.
  • Conference offered by Carmen Alcázar: "Proyectos Wikimedia y Licencias Creative Commons [Wikimedia Projects and Creative Commons Licenses]", Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero.
November 13
  • Conference offered by Iván Martínez: "Lo libre de la Enciclopedia Libre o de cómo Wikipedia llegó a convertirse en la referencia en Internet [What is free in the Free Encyclopedia or how did Wikipedia became the reference in Internet]", Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero.
  • Basic Wikipedia edition workshop offered by Carmen Alcázar, Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero.
November 14
November 15
November 17
  • Moebius 90.9 radio show: "From mariachi to summer of love."
November 21-23
Iberoconf 2014 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 24
  • Moebius 90.9 radio show: "From La Castañeda hospital to Pink Floyd."
November 28
  • Wiki workshop at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature (UNAM).
November 29
November 30
  • Participation of Gustavo Sandoval Kingwergs in the XVIII International Congress of Translation and Interpretarion San Jerónimo [Saint Jerome] 2014 ("Translation in evolution"; Organización Mexicana de Traductores, A.C. [Mexican Organization of Translators]-Guadalajara International Book Fair): "Wikipedia y traducción: el izquierdo de autor y una nueva forma de trabajo [Wikipedia and translation: copyleft and a new way of working]".