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This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for July 2011.

Cultural heritage partners

Maarten Brinkerink talked with the Tropenmuseum, and reported that a Wikipedian in Residence might be useful with regard of the Tropenmuseum's activities around its vast and various collections.

Conferences etc.

The only local Wikimeet ("stamtafel", like the German "Stammtisch") that takes place on a regular basis is the one in Utrecht, the most central city of the Netherlands. On July 9th a Wikimeet happened in the Flemish city of Gent. One of the Dutch participants was Lodewijk. Some 10 people were attending, six of them "Wikimedians". They discussed about WLM and the possibility of founding a Belgian Wikimedia chapter. The Belgians may need more input from outside, Lodewijk said.


The board discussed about hiring a person for the fundraiser and gives highest priority to this.

Press and outreach

The new Wikimedia Nederland website left its beta phase, thanks to Hay Kranen. It is meant to inform the Dutch public about Wikimedia and its activities:

For active members, the old wiki (verenigingswiki) will remain the most important tool for planning of and collaborating on Wikimedia activities in the Netherlands:


  • September: Wiki Loves Monuments Europe
  • 8 October: German-Dutch-Belgian meeting in Aachen
  • 5 November: Vereniging Wikimedia Conferentie 2011