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This is Wikimedia Serbia activity report for the year 2007.


February - May
Seminal paper writing project for Wikipedia by students at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade
February 26 - Lecture about Wikipedia (Đorđe Stakić)
March 6 - Wikipedia workshop (Đorđe Stakić, Srđan Vesić, Filip Maljković)
March - May
Seminal paper writing project for Wikipedia by students at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade
March 15 - Lecture about Wikipedia (Miloš Rančić, Đorđe Stakić)
May 27
Launch of website


April 19
Lecture about Wikipedia at the B-link festival in Ozone gallery (Dragan Satarić, Nikola Smolenski)
April 21 - 22
Second Regional Conference (Days of Wikimedia) at the Youth Center of Belgrade (with guests from France, Germany and Croatia)
June 15 - 17
Participation at the iCommons summit in Dubrovnik, Croatia (Nevenka Antić)
July 12 - 15
Participation and presentation of Wikipedia at the EXIT music festival (Milan Stojanović)
August 3 - 5
Participation at Wikimania in Taipei, Taiwan (Filip Maljković)
September 14
Presentation at the festival "New Light in Palm" in cinema club Svetlost (Filip Maljković, Dragan Satarić, Nikola Smolenski)
October 5
Press conference at the Youth Center of Belgrade regarding the successes of Wikimedia projects (2 million articles in Wikipedia in English, 50,000 articles in Wikipedia in Serbian, 2 million images in Wikimedia Commons) (Dragan Satarić, Goran Obradović, Filip Maljković)
December 11
Presentation for media "Free Licenses - Legal Basis for Free Culture, Free Software and Free Knowledge" and about Wikimedia Serbia at the Independent Journalists Association of Serbia premises (Nevenka Antić, Dragan Satarić)
December 14
Participation at the "Media in Diaspora, Media for Diaspora" conference, "Media in Serbia for Diaspora" panel, in Sava Center (Dragan Satarić)
Promotional lecture of Creative Commons licenses titled "Free Licenses - Legal Basis for Free Culture, Free Software and Free Knowledge" at the ArtTech 2007 festival in Pančevo (Nevenka Antić)
December 15
Launch of the Creative Commons licenses in Serbia - presentations at the Youth Center of Belgrade (Nevenka Antić, Dragan Satarić, Nikola Smolenski)


May 13
Fifth General Assembly
Held 24 public meetups throughout the year


January 11
Interview in the "Metropolis" show for RTS 2 (Miloš Rančić)
February 1
Interview for online magazine Kakogod (Nikola Smolenski, Filip Maljković)
February 16
Interview "Wikipedia in Serbia" for the Bovan Consulting newsletter (Ivan Nador)
March 7
Interview in the show "Dizanje" for TV B92 (Goran Obradović, Miloš Rančić)
March 17
Interview "Try It, It's Fun" for the paper Ilustrovana politika (Goran Obradović)
Article "The Dictionary of Social Work - Internet Edition" published by Glas centar
May 3
Interview in the show "OKO magazin" at RTS 1 (Dragan Satarić)
November 23
Broadcast of the WMF fundraising video on the Art TV
December 21
Interview in the show "People With Us - Addicted Sickly" for Radio Belgrade 202 (Filip Maljković)
December 31 - January 2 2008
Interview "Serbs Search for Sex, Turbofolk and Karadžić" for the paper Danas (Filip Maljković)