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Hi, we did add a proposition for a new project. We would be glad to have your feedbacks. Here it is : https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikiwebsites

It's about a "Library of free projects" (excluding software). Art, science, architecture, comics, movies, pictures,... which can be found under Creative commons licences, but also Open hardware, GFDL, public domain, Art Libre, FOIA… Graineahumus (talk)


Could someone administrator move the following pages to capitalize their title as the others pages of the series :

Thank you ! Yug (talk) 17:11, 14 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

This requires a sysadmin to do. You are welcome to file a Phabricator task requesting it be done. Personally, while my opinion carries no technical weight, I would talk to the Wikimedia Foundation brand team first before moving their cheese like this. * Pppery * it has begun 04:43, 1 June 2024 (UTC)Reply

When will Termbase be revived?[edit]

Tracked in Phabricator:
Task T366825

Termbase used to be a great resource for anybody trying to bridge language gap on Metawiki. Why do we abondon such common tool? Are we sure we are equipped to share knowledge, if we imply a single word in different ideas? Have we not invented many jargons/Wikimedia specific terms which traps you to miscommunicate (?_?) -- Omotecho (talk) 13:46, 20 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Termbase was not explicitly abandoned. The entire Movement Strategy and Governance page and all its subpages were marked as historical in one fell swoop. I think it would be reasonable to resurrect it and implement Xeno (WMF)'s original proposal from phab:T314007 to move it out of limbo. * Pppery * it has begun 17:48, 20 May 2024 (UTC)Reply
Personally speaking as a member of the former MSG team, I would not object to moving Termbase out of MSG's page setup to somewhere where it could be more beneficial for Meta translators. RamzyM (WMF) (talk) 02:58, 27 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Feedback invited on Procedure for Sibling Project Lifecycle[edit]

You can find this message translated into additional languages on Meta-wiki. Please help translate to your language

Dear community members,

The Community Affairs Committee (CAC) of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees invites you to give feedback on a draft Procedure for Sibling Project Lifecycle. This draft Procedure outlines proposed steps and requirements for opening and closing Wikimedia Sibling Projects, and aims to ensure any newly approved projects are set up for success. This is separate from the procedures for opening or closing language versions of projects, which is handled by the Language Committee or closing projects policy.

You can find the details on this page, as well as the ways to give your feedback from today until the end of the day on June 23, 2024, anywhere on Earth.

You can also share information about this with the interested project communities you work with or support, and you can also help us translate the procedure into more languages, so people can join the discussions in their own language.

On behalf of the CAC,

RamzyM (WMF) 02:24, 22 May 2024 (UTC)Reply

Announcing the first Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee[edit]

You can find this message translated into additional languages on Meta-wiki. Please help translate to your language


The scrutineers have finished reviewing the vote results. We are following up with the results of the first Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (U4C) election.

We are pleased to announce the following individuals as regional members of the U4C, who will fulfill a two-year term:

  • North America (USA and Canada)
  • Northern and Western Europe
  • Latin America and Caribbean
  • Central and East Europe (CEE)
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • East, South East Asia and Pacific (ESEAP)
  • South Asia

The following individuals are elected to be community-at-large members of the U4C, fulfilling a one-year term:

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this process and much appreciation to the candidates for your leadership and dedication to the Wikimedia movement and community.

Over the next few weeks, the U4C will begin meeting and planning the 2024-25 year in supporting the implementation and review of the UCoC and Enforcement Guidelines. Follow their work on Meta-wiki.

On behalf of the UCoC project team,

RamzyM (WMF) 08:14, 3 June 2024 (UTC)Reply

The final text of the Wikimedia Movement Charter is now on Meta[edit]

You can find this message translated into additional languages on Meta-wiki. Please help translate to your language

Hi everyone,

The final text of the Wikimedia Movement Charter is now up on Meta in more than 20 languages for your reading.

What is the Wikimedia Movement Charter?

The Wikimedia Movement Charter is a proposed document to define roles and responsibilities for all the members and entities of the Wikimedia movement, including the creation of a new body – the Global Council – for movement governance.

Join the Wikimedia Movement Charter “Launch Party”

Join the “Launch Party” on June 20, 2024 at 14.00-15.00 UTC (your local time). During this call, we will celebrate the release of the final Charter and present the content of the Charter. Join and learn about the Charter before casting your vote.

Movement Charter ratification vote

Voting will commence on SecurePoll on June 25, 2024 at 00:01 UTC and will conclude on July 9, 2024 at 23:59 UTC. You can read more about the voting process, eligibility criteria, and other details on Meta.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment on the Meta talk page or email the MCDC at mcdc@wikimedia.org.

On behalf of the MCDC,

RamzyM (WMF) 08:44, 11 June 2024 (UTC)Reply


Where should I make a proposal for a new WMF project?

The idea is simple: Wikifora, a global discussion platform for doing to Reddit what Wikipedia did to the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Reddit is a great website, but it has taken the commons of human discussion and privatised it. Wikifora would aim to create an equivalent that is open/libre content.

Is anyone interested in such a project? The Anome (talk) 16:35, 13 June 2024 (UTC)Reply

You should make one at "proposals for new projects". George Ho (talk) 23:22, 13 June 2024 (UTC)Reply