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Work in progress notice: (to be extended to all Wikimedia projects, periodical copy to foundation site?)
First attempt at a project fact sheet, static and simple, aimed at the media and the general public (Sue Gardner).

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Web site http://www.wikiquote.org/
Start date 27 June, 2003 [1]
Languages 58 [2] [3] (Sep 2007)
Articles 69,700 [2] (Sep 2007)
Media files 12,000 [2] [4] (Sep 2007)
Views unknown [5]
Edits 1,1 million [2] (Sep 2007)
Editors 3503 [2] [6] (Sep 2007)
Administrators 224 [7] [8] (Sep 2007)
Traffic Rank ± 3700nth [9] (Sep 2007)

The focus of this article is on quantitative data about wikiquote that appeal to a wider audience.


Traffic Ranks

The most referenced external statistics on the growing popularity of Wikipedia and its sister projects are trend figures and charts produced by Alexa. Although there are reasonable concerns over systemic bias in the results (some groups of users may be under/over represented) the overall trends are very revealing. Also Alexa is one of the few companies that publishes web traffic trends than span over 5 years (2007), and allow easy comparisons between web domains. See also Growth Figures below.

Growth Figures


All wikiquote projects retain a full history of all article revisions. For each update is recorded who made it, and when, and what had been changed. This makes it possible to collect a wealth of statistical data, and allows plotting of historical trends. As explained above historical visitor statistics are fragmentary at best, traffic ranks are approximations.

Largest Wiktionaries

Rank Language 100+
Articles New
in last
12 months
in last
12 months
Share Active
edits last month
> 5 / > 100
per day
Edits per
21 Oct 2007: Table data derived from wikistats output will be added soon.




Most recent statistics
In-Depth Statistics

Wikistats: lots of tables and charts on all wikiquote language projects. Growth of all Wikimedia projects in one concise chart
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