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Rumuńscy przyjaciele po fachu planują spotkanie ogromnego (najlepiej całego) Centralnego i Wschodniego Społeczeństwa Wikimedii na początku roku 2005, najlepiej przed koferencją Wikimania 2005. To spotkanie będzie mniej ważne od Wikimanii, a sprawy, o których będziemy na nim mówić dotyczyć będą głównie problemów Centralnej i Wschodniej Europy.

Kto może wziąć udział w spotkaniu?[edit]

Właściwie każdy, kto jest członkiem społeczeństwa wiki. Ale tylko Wikipedyści podpisani poniżej będą uważani za Wikipedystów Środkowej i Wschodniej Europy, dzięki czemu będą mieli więcej do powiedzenia.

Notka: Niektóre z krajów/społeczeństw wymienionych poniżej nie leżą w Centralnej lub Wschodniej Europie, ale zostały wypisane na liście z różnych powodów (np.: ponieważ jest dużym społeczeństwej wiki mówiącym w danym języku, itp.).

Duże społeczeństwa Wikipedii[edit]

  • Bułgaria
  • Czechy
  • Estonia (no dobra, są z północnej Europy, no ale czemu miałoby ich nie być??)
  • Litwa
  • Polska
  • Rumunia
  • Serbia
  • Słowacja
  • Słowenia
  • Ukraina
  • Włochy

Mniejsze społeczeństwa[edit]

  • Łotwa
  • Macedonia
  • inne społeczeństwa w Cent. lub Wsch. Europie - proszę dopisywać
Bosnian (188 users, 1433 articles)
Belarussian (92 users, 938 articles)
Kaszëbsczi (278 articles)


  • Niemcy (w końcu są w Centralnej Europie, więc czemu nie?)
  • Rosja

O czym byśmy dyskutowali?[edit]

Firstly, our aim for this meetup is emphasizing the fact, that together we can achieve a lot more. CEE wikis are currently in very good shape - although we are a small region, we have many Wikipedias in the top 20 and some of the fastest growth rates. The Polish Wikipedia's performance is commendable as it is in the top 5 Wikipedias for a language only spoken by around 45 million people. The Bulgarian Wikipedia is also doing excellently. And so is the Romanian Wikipedia, renowned far and wide for its campaigns to secure Wikimania Cluj-Napoca 2005 (shameless self-promotion ;-) and not a very NPOV, too :P --TOR 20:47, 3 Jan 2005 (UTC)).

We will be discussing the experiences of each CEE Wiki, and learning from each set of experiences. We will also be presenting strategies for further growth, and ways in which Wikipedias can further the growth of an emerging IT environment such as that of most CEE countries.

Most importantly, we need good spirit and a positive attitude.

Why this meetup?[edit]

Well, I think all of you remember Cluj-Napoca's outspoken bid for Wikimania 2005. We lost that bid by the skin of our teeth and yet we would like to have a more local meetup in Cluj. That's the impetus behind this move. That doesn't mean this is a Romanian event. It is an event for every CEE wiki community. We will select cities in the same way they were selected for Wikimania.

I think it would also be great to have a meetup in order to open up collaboration between CEE wikis. Wikipedia has really taken off in this region, even despite fairly limited Internet access and relatively low computerization.

I think having such a meeting would be a really great thing. Each of the meeting I participated to were really special moments. I wish many of you will be able to come. Anthere 08:53, 1 Nov 2004 (UTC)

But how about rivalries?[edit]

Our aim is to foster an environment where CEE wikis can work together... this meetup will help us in this. Rivalries are not helpful in any way between CEE wikis (this is not to say that CEE wikis should aggresively compete with other wikis). For all those who are jealous of their neighbouring country for having a larger Wikipedia (this sounds silly, but it does happen), CEE meetup seeks to abolish that! Let's work together to make Central and Eastern Europe the prime example when it comes to wiki.

Good humour and acceptance is the key here!


This meetup is intended to be a lot less formal than Wikimania (you can probably sense this by the writing style here ;-) It's basically both a community meetup and a conference, but not a very formal event. We still need conference facilities though...


Points of view[edit]

  • Ronline - a review of major CEE wikis and their achievements


OK, a big issue.

The tri-language option[edit]

One option: We have three world languages which are interesting:

  • English
    • Con: no CEE country speaks English as an official language
    • Pro: but many people speak it as a foreign language
  • German
    • Con: not counting Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc., no CEE country speak it as official language
    • Pro: many people speak it as a foreign language (in some countries as first foreign language), good knowledge of it partly because historically official language of quite alot CEE countries and ties to the German cultural area.
  • Russian
    • Pro: Due to Soviet influence many people speak Russian
    • Con: Due to the fall of the Soviet Union, not so many young people speak Russian anymore, especially in non-Slavic countries like Romania, Hungary and Greece (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, though non-Slavic, still have important Russian-speaking populations).
    • Con: not written in the Latin alphabet
    • Some countries may not take it particularly well if Russian is an official language of this conference (e.g. Estonia, Greece or even Romania and Hungary)
    • Con: contrary to English and German, the Russian Wikipedia and wiki community is very small and unimportant.
  • The local language
    • Pro: This is important because local attenders are set to make up an important part of the base of participants. It would also be strange to, for example, host the conference in Romania but not have Romanian as a working language

We could use Esperanto... but not everyone knows Esperanto. We could use a few widely-spoken CEE languages like Polish and Romanian, but that would cause problems. Possibly both English and German could be used. But, this is an event where it is compulsory for all attenders to leave with a knowledge of every CEE language (only joking, but it would be good to acquaint ourselves with other CEE languages)

Where do I express my opinion about this[edit]

This page's discussion page. Write what you think about this meetup, any proposals and ideas are also welcome, except for proposed location, which should be listed below.


Cluj-Napoca, Rumunia[edit]


  • Located in the heart of Central and Eastern Europe - easy access from both Ukraine and Bulgaria, as well as The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia, as well as the Western Balkans. A lot more central than a Baltic states location.
  • High level of facilities, especially in comparison to Eastern Europe and the Balkans.
  • Lower prices than in Central Europe (Hungary, The Czech Republic, etc)
  • Large base of supporters


  • Harder to access from outside Europe, since it is not a capital city. Even from Central & Eastern Europe, you may have to connect somewhere (usually Budapest or Bucharest) before reaching Cluj-Napoca.
  • Not part of the European Union - does not cater to passport-less travel.

Getting there[edit]

Cluj-Napoca is located in Transylvania, in central-west Romania.

Praga, Czechy[edit]


  • The wealthiest and most visited city in Central and Eastern Europe, meaning lots of good infrastructure and tourism opportunities
  • Wonderful setting
  • Very good transport links from Western and Eastern Europe


  • Fairly small or inactive Wikipedia community
  • Hard to access from Ukraine and Baltic States
  • Fairly expensive by CEE standards

Warszawa, Polska[edit]


  • Large Wikipedia community - by far the largest in CEE (excluding Germany)
  • Fairly easy to access and centrally-located
  • Relatively good infrastructure and large city (Warsaw)


  • Hard to access from Southern Balkans (Greece, Macedonia)

Kraków, Polska[edit]


  • Large Wikipedia community - by far the largest in CEE (excluding Germany)
  • Fairly easy to access and centrally-located
  • Relatively good infrastructure and also large city (Krakow) -second international airport in Poland, rail and speedway
  • One of the most visited Polish city, old capital of Medieval Poland, one of the most beautiful European city, on UNESCO list, with excelent climate, close to Tatry Mountains.


  • There are no disadvantages ;-)

Wrocław, Polska[edit]


  • Large Wikipedia community – by far the largest in CEE (excluding Germany)
  • Fairly easy to access and centrally-located; excelent communication from/to western and southern countries, not so bad from northern (I needed only 15 hours by car from Tallinn to Wrocław)
  • Relatively good infrastructure and also large city (Wrocław) – third or fourth international airport in Poland, rail and speedway
  • One of the most visited Polish city, old capital of Silesia, close to Karkonosze Mountains, excelent climate, young and modern community


  • There are no disadvantages, as Kraków, too ;-)

Ljubljana, Słowenia[edit]


  • Beautiful city which not many people have visited - a new experience
  • Slovenia is fairly wealthy and built-up


  • Harder to access than larger cities such as Warsaw, Bucharest and Prague
  • More expensive than Romania, Western Balkans, Poland, etc.

Talin, Estonia[edit]


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