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Halaman ini mengandung sumber penting untuk mitra lokal, organisasi tematik, dan kelompok pengguna Wikimedia.

Kebijakan Kode Etik

As indicated in the User Group Agreement you have signed, Wikimedia Affiliates are expected to adhere to a Code of Conduct, which is a policy guiding behavior of group members in all contexts (online and Offline), and not restricted to in-person events only. It is important that you promote and remain accountable for maintaining the expectations for Code of Conduct as a recognized group. In addition, the Foundation has worked to develop a Code of Conduct for technical spaces. You are encouraged to review these policies to develop a localized code of conduct as a group which you then translate into your group’s local language(s). This code of conduct should be endorsed by your group members within the first 6 months of your recognition, and as new members join.


Halaman Anda di Meta

  • Pastikan halaman Anda memiliki seluruh informasi yang dibutuhkan: cantumkan anggota yang Anda miliki (atau pranala menuju halaman tempat nama mereka dicantumkan), anggota dewan dan komite audit.
  • Cantumkan kontak pers dan milis publik yang dapat digunakan untuk menghubungi Anda. Jika Anda tidak memiliki milis, mintalah kepada WMF untuk membantu Anda membuatkan sebuah milis. Anda akan memerlukan tiket Phabricator (lihat Phabricator/Help) untuk membuat sebuah tugas milis baru.
  • Pastikan halaman itu selalu terkini. Anda dapat mengisi tanggal Rapat Umum Anggota agar orang lain dapat menerima kabar terbaru dari Anda.
  • Cantumkan anggaran dasar dan anggaran rumah tangga, rencana, hibah, laporan, dll. Berikan gambaran mengenai proyek Anda (Anda dapat mengaturnya dalam templat navigasi Template:Programmes and projects of Shared Knowledge).
  • Sebutkan dan berikan pranala ke blog Anda (jika ada), dan halaman Anda di media sosial. Pastikan untuk membaca kiat terbaik.
  • Ekstension:Translate diaktifkan di Meta sehingga membuat halaman Anda dalam bahasa Inggris, dan kemudian terjemahkan ke sejumlah bahasa karena akan berguna untuk aktivitas Anda.


  • Best practice is to subscribe roles, not the people via their private emails. Subscribe Chair(_AT_)MyAffiliate(_DOT_)org to chairpersons list, and redirect it to the private email of newly elected Chairs. And so on. By doing it, you’ll secure that your Chair (for example) will be subscribed to the list(s) as soon, as (s)he gets elected. It is also good to document on-wiki who has access and to which lists, so you know who is responsible for informing this or that.
  • Milis/tinjauan umum berisi ikhtisar seluruh milis. Pastikan orang yang tepat telah bergabung di dalamnya. Beberapa milis tematik yang bermanfaat:

Wiki internal Wikimedia

Mengumumkan proyek dan perubahan dalam afiliasi Anda

  • Blog Wikimedia Foundation: Panduan.
  • wikimedia-l: Perkenalan anggota dewan yang baru dan perannya masing-masing.

Cara lain untuk berkomunikasi


It is an extension that allows for large-scale announcements across Wikimedia wikis via HTML banners at the top of browser window. It can be used to attract attention to your projects (photo and article contests, events etc), or to conduct some surveys (to know more about your readers, volunteers etc). It allows to target geographically, by projects, by languages etc. Please read CentralNotice/Usage guidelines for more information.

Konflik kepentingan

  • COIG: panduan untuk organisasi gerakan Wikimedia dari perspektif tata kelola, yaitu tentang apakah Anda memiliki hubungan luar yang mungkin dapat mempengaruhi tugas Anda dalam kepentingan Wikimedia.


Daftar seluruh organisasi Wikimedia yang memiliki kantor, termasuk lokasi dan jumlah staf (terus diperbarui).
Tinjauan umum seluruh milis Wikimedia, setiap mitra lokal harus memiliki sedikitnya satu dan beberapa milis global. Berlanggananlah ke milis yang Anda rasa menarik.
Tinjauan umum akun Twitter dan lainnya (terus diperbarui).
Tinjauan umum halaman Facebook mitra lokal (terus diperbarui).

Hal darurat

Dalam hal darurat, untuk ancaman kekerasan terhadap orang dan kepemilikan (termasuk ancaman pembunuhan dan teroris): emergency(_AT_)wikimedia(_DOT_)org.

Kebijakan ruang ramah

Friendly space policies are guidelines for in-person Wikimedia community gatherings which advise that all participants seek to encourage a positive and constructive experience for all other participants. You are encouraged to develop a localized Friendly Space Policy as a group and to translate its text into your group’s relevant language(s). This Friendly Space Policy should be endorsed by your group members within the first 6 months of your recognition, and as new members join.


Hibah khusus untuk proyek, diberikan oleh WMF kepada individu, kelompok, atau organisasi. Ditinjau oleh Komite Penasihat Hibah, sebuah kelompok sukarelawan, dan disetujui oleh staf WMF.
Anggaran umum untuk rencana tahunan dari dana gerakan (donasi) kepada organisasi Wikimedia (mitra lokal, Yayasan) secara tahunan. Ditinjau oleh Komite Penasihat Hibah, sebuah kelompok sukarelawan, dan disetujui oleh dewan WMF.


Consensus-building in organizational development
Consensus-building for groups


  • If you want to print some materials, souvenirs with logos, create a logo for your projects, using existing logos trademarked by Wikimedia Foundation, please read these policies: Wikimedia trademarks, Visual identity guidelines. To be on the safe side, contact the Legal team via trademarks(_AT_)wikimedia(_DOT_)org.
  • If you are using Facebook and other social media for promoting wikiprojects, pay attention to not violate the terms of use. FB, for example, is not compatible with the free licenses, so use media under CC-zero or in Public domain (see more here). Or ask the authors for a special permission).
How to reply to misdirected takedown requests received by movement organizations.


Meta pages to be updated by affiliates
A checklist of pages sorted by event and category.

Struktur gerakan

Incorporated independent non-profits representing the Wikimedia movement and supporting movement work globally, focused within a geography. Chapters or national/sub-national organizations use a name clearly linking them to Wikimedia and are granted use of Wikimedia trademarks for their work, publicity, and fundraising.
Incorporated independent non-profits representing the Wikimedia movement and supporting work focused on a specific theme, topic, subject or issue within or across countries and regions. Thematic or focused organizations use a name clearly linking them to Wikimedia and are granted use of Wikimedia trademarks for their work, publicity and fundraising.
Open membership groups with an established contact person and history of projects, designed to be easy to form. User groups may or may not choose to incorporate and are granted limited use of the Wikimedia marks for publicity related to events and projects.
Like-minded organizations that actively support the Wikimedia movement’s work. They are listed publicly and granted limited use of the marks for publicity indicating their support of and collaboration with Wikimedia. Unlike the other models, this one is not well defined by the Affiliations Committee. Please comment on this model on its own page.

Yayasan Wikimedia

The Wikimedia chapters and thematic organizations select two members for the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees (out of 10). The selected two are proposed to BoT as nominees, and current BoT approves them. They serve for 3-year terms. User groups are not eligible to participate in this selection (as of May 2016). The next elections are due in TBD.

Global events


Sebelumnya "Komite Mitra Lokal", meninjau permohonan dari lembaga untuk menjadi mitra lokal Wikimedia, organisasi tematik Wikimedia, atau kelompok pengguna Wikimedia.
Struktur yang diresmikan dari mitra lokal Wikimedia untuk menyelenggarakan pertukaran dan memfasilitasi komunikasi di antara mereka.


is there an update of this document around?

Planning for cooperation

The Affiliations Committee is interested in fostering healthy collaboration or at minimum, peaceful co-existence among Affiliates that share an overlap in thematic or geographic region. User groups may come and go, or they may stay to thrive and grow as user groups, or sometimes develop into chapters or thematic organizations. However, no user groups have ownership of the territory in which they operate, and we encourage many user groups to coexist. We aim to ensure peaceful coexistence by working with all new and existing groups to identify their planned activities and goals to connect on shared movement goals and to balance any potential overlaps with agreements for operating in shared spaces. You are encouraged to demonstrate steps and initiatives you have taken to collaborate with existing Affiliates in your region, and where such a collaboration is not possible, a plan for how you will maintain scope and focus integrity in respecting boundaries you communicated in your application.

Planning for diversity

The Affiliations committee encourages new groups to consider creating plans to ensure diversity in Members, Leadership as well as Activities. This is a good indication of the growth potential of groups as they pursue the movement goals and mission. You are encouraged to develop a diversity plan and to submit this within the first 6 months of your recognition, and as new members join.


Di mana saya bisa bertanya:


Afiliasi Anda juga diharapkan untuk mengirimkan laporan aktivitas sekurang-kurangnya sekali dalam setahun. Tambahkan sebuah baris di tabel besar dan tambahkan pranala ke halaman afiliasi dan laporan pertama Anda ketika dirasa siap.

Laporan bulan mitra lokal Wikimedia – tempat di mana WMF mencari laporan Anda.
Laporan aktivitas dan keuangan komite dan mitra lokal Wikimedia (ringkasan).
Currently state of the chapters.
currently outdated and marked obsolete – shouldn't this page be revitalised by yearly updates according to the "State of the Movement" at the Wikimedia Conference?
Tokoh saat ini (anggota, staf) dari seluruh mitra lokal Wikimedia (terus diperbarui).

Sumber daya

Program hibah Wikimedia Foundation

  • Grants:Start untuk program hibah Wikimedia tersedia untuk mengakses pendanaan, termasuk:
    • Hibah Cepat: Hingga USD 2.000 untuk kebutuhan eksperimen berisiko rendah dan standar (kopdar, dll.) yang tidak memerlukan peninjauan mendalam untuk memulai kegiatan.
    • General Support Fund: Flexible general operating support for individuals, groups, or affiliates that have developed larger projects or programs (average award size: 10,000 - 300,000 USD). Offers also opportunities for multi-year funding.
    • Dukungan Konferensi & Perjalanan: Biaya untuk melaksanakan konferensi lokal, regional, dan tematik, dan acara, serta beasiswa untuk menghadiri acara non-gerakan.
    • Movement Strategy Implementation Grants: Support for projects that take the current state of a Movement Strategy Initiative and push it one step forward.
  • Learning and Evaluation, for program toolkits, evaluation tools, and other learning resources for program design and evaluation where you can find guidance and share your examples for planning, implementing, and evaluating effective Wikimedia programs.
  • Learning Pattern Library where you can go to learn and share learning from Wikimedia experiences building communities and programs.
  • The Wikipedia Library which helps editors access reliable sources to improve Wikipedia by working with knowledge professionals to share their collections.
  • The Education Portal to follow the latest news, join the mailing list, and learn how to get involved with the global education community.
  • GLAM Learning Resources on Meta, Outreach, and English Wikipedia.
  • Conflict prevention training workshop


List of several Strategy Plans
Summarises strategic and previous strategic plans of Wikimedia affiliates (keep updated).