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Shared Knowledge

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The aim of the Association is to deal with the following activities:
  • Promote the idea of creation, gathering and redistribution of free content on the Internet, as well as to manage them and dispose with the funds designated for that purpose. The focus of interest lies in several international projects of Wikimedia.
  • Dissemination and support of the redistribution of free content in digital, printed and/or other forms, with particular emphasis on the content of the international projects of Wikimedia.
  • Collection, publishing and redistribution of information, as well as public relations work related to free content and Wikimedia projects by organizing events and the publishing of informational literature.
  • Awarding scholarships.
  • Nurturing and promoting the Macedonian literary language and its orthographic standards. (Source: Article 6 from the bylaws)

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Shared Knowledge

1. Who are the people behind this application?

This is a list of all members of Shared Knowledge:
  1. Kiril Simeonovski;
  2. Bojan Jankuloski;
  3. Igor Sazdovski;
  4. Toni Ristovski;
  5. Snezhana Shtrkovska;
  6. Zoran Mechkarski;
  7. Igor Kuzmanovski;
  8. Cvetko Nedelkovski;
  9. Nikola Cibrev;
  10. Dana Uzhevska.
1a. How many?
The number of members of Shared Knowledge is 10. Four other persons have fulfilled membership application and are awaiting approval. Three other users from the community actively support the activities.
1b. Active in which Wikimedia projects, if any?
Our members and users are mostly active on the projects in Macedonian, Wikimedia Commons and Meta.
1c. How are they geographically distributed?
All 10 members of Shared Knowledge as well as the four who are awaiting approval live in Skopje. Two of the three users who actively support our activities live in other cities in Macedonia and one of them lives in Germany.
1d. Do you have any highly active or prominent (on local or international level) Wikimedians / Wikipedians? If so, please name a few. (provide user names and wiki of origin)
Some of our members have participated in initiatives on international level and are known to the global community:
1e. How many people do you expect will eventually want to join?
We expect the four fulfilled membership applications to be approved soon and at least 10 other interested persons to join the organisation until the end date of our annual plan, i e. 15 September 2015.

2. For the application and final agreement we will require two contact persons that can sign the Wikimedia User Group Agreement on behalf of the group. Who will those be? (please provide user names and wiki of origin) Please also include email addresses for these users either on this page or in your initial email to the Affiliations Committee (AffCom(_AT_)

3. Please give a short summary of your time path from the founding up to now.

This is a short summary with the most important dates:
  • 2009-2013 — For activities conducted between 2009 and 2013, please see the chapters reports of Wikimedia Macedonia or visit its official page.
  • September 2013 — Seven members of Wikimedia Macedonia held an unsuccessful General Assembly to make the necessary changes.
  • January 2014 — The community on the Macedonian Wikipedia voted no confidence to the current Wikimedia Macedonia.
  • January 2014 — Seven founding members of Shared Knowledge held a General Assembly to adopt the Bylaws and elect its President and Executive Board members.
  • March 2014 — Shared Knowledge is officially established as a citizen's association under the Macedonian legal authorities.
  • April 2014 — Shared Knowledge requests a WMF grant to organise Wiki Loves Earth 2014 in Macedonia.
  • May 2014 — Wiki Loves Earth 2014 in Macedonia takes place (see report).
  • July 2014 — Shared Knowledge requests a WMF grant to fund its annual plan.
  • August 2014 — Kiril Simeonovski has several meetings with the members of the Affiliations Committee and the grantmaking team from the Wikimedia Foundation at Wikimania 2014 in order to discuss the status of the organisation and the funding of its future activities.
  • September 2014-present — Projects and activities from the annual plan are conducted (see interim report.

4. Which geographical area and context do you cover (or plan to cover) with your entity?


5. Have there been any activities/meetings etc. of this group of people? If yes, please briefly describe some examples. This is not a requirement, just helpful information.

There have been plenty of them both with or without commitment (e.g. Wiki meetups, general assemblies, board meetings, project coordination meetings, etc.).

6. Do you keep any monthly/half-yearly/yearly reports of you activities? If yes, please provide links. This is not a requirement, just helpful information.

Yes (see sample report).

7. What kind of activities are planned for the future in the user group?

Shared Knowledge currently runs the following three programmes: education, GLAM and community. We consider the possibility to introduce 'technology' as the fourth one.

8. Is you entity already legally registered? Do you intend on becoming a legally registered entity in the next thirteen months? Please note that we do not require or encourage user groups to legally incorporate or register.


9. Do you have a bylaws for you entity? If yes, have the bylaws been reviewed by a lawyer/specialist? Please note that we do not require or encourage user groups to write bylaws.

Yes (see here).

10. How can the Affiliations Committee and the Wikimedia Foundation help your group?

We would be happy to get recognition of any kind (e.g. Wikimedia user group) before moving on to discussing the status of Wikimedia Macedonia.

Submitted: Kiril Simeonovski (talk) 23:50, 8 February 2015 (UTC)[reply]
Acknowledged: Varnent (talk)(COI) 18:32, 14 February 2015 (UTC)[reply]