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Wikimedians for Sustainable Development/Meeting minutes 20200705

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Meeting 5 July 2020


  • Ainali
  • ~Zblace
  • Mervat
  • Euphemia
  • Ad


  • Round of introductions (everyone)
  • Agenda: Any other business?
  • Answers for the naming survey (Ainali)
  • Universal Code of Conduct (Mervat)
  • Empowerment and how do you want to use this group? (Ainali)



Answers for the naming survey


We had a long discussion and a general consensus was that we are not happy with the process, not the survey as such. However, the group were split if we're to answer the survey at all or answer it as a group with a Strongly disagree on all answers and keeping the status quo.

  • Decision: Inform the rest of the group on these two alternatives and get more opinions quickly, with the reminder that it should be answered at latest July 7.

Universal Code of Conduct


The WMF Board has approved to have one. T&S is consulting with all affiliates.

Mervat informed about the general process. The question is how we as a user group would like to participate in that process.

  • Decision: We will put it on the agenda for one of the future bi-weekly meetings.

Zblace informed about a proposal for proactive action to mark toxic projects: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T252291

Empowerment and how do you want to use this group?

  • Ad reminded: Please be on the lookout for the series of editathons Wiki loves Global Goals in SDG Action Week last week of September
  • Marketing is an important use case.
  • The group should be using sustainable methods. Perhaps we can give advice to WikiProject_remote_event_participation?