Wikimedians for Sustainable Development/Meeting minutes 20210207

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Movement Strategy implementation process[edit]

Topics for impact last Friday and today Align with environmental sustainability initiatives.

Sadads summarized the meeting from Friday. There was a consensus that the SDGs are a good place to start to define what is impactful. A larger conversation is on how we evaluate topics for impact and include local communities.

Sunday -- there was a wide consensus for a carbon neutral Wikimedia Movement -- But what does it mean? How to get there?

Big concensus on being stronger on bringing in organizations and experts to help bridge the information communication gaps? Free license content-- coordinating, elevating community coordination on climate.

Could the user group be a hosting body for people that would do more coordination in this area? Or should work done through the user group in this regard be hosted in another, well esatblished, affiliate? Several possibilities available.


April 15 - May 15 (Earth day April 22)

  • Two activities:
    • Writing Challenge like Wiki Gap Challenge
    • Decentralized movement activities -- editathons, webinars and office hours
  • Theme: "Right to a healthy environment" -- legal rights and human rights activism involved
  • Core list of topics from UNEP and UN Human Rights
  • Special: Rapid Grants will be available -- editathons,
  • Michel Bakni -- Arabic/French communities -- onwiki/incommunity coordinator for the campaign
  • English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese
    • Wikimedia France
  • Michel will come on the next one or two user group meetings to coordinate with the wider community