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Wikimedians for Sustainable Development/Meeting minutes 20210801

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User group meeting 2021-08-01[edit]

User group meeting 2021-08-01

Signing the Wikimedia Affiliates Environmental Sustainability Covenant

Some discussions, question about if Affcom could be the sender of this.

We decided to sign the agreement.

Action: Ainali will sign the agreement on behalf of the group.


We decided to have a Community village table.

Action: Ainali reserves a table for the user group.

Ideas for it:

  • Possibility to leave questions on the whiteboard
  • Have a introduction presentation of the user group there
  • Show times of our talks

Goal of the table:

  1. Raise awareness of the user group
  2. Get people to join the user group

Should we have a debriefing meeting after Wikimania? Good idea, let's bring it up in the chat with the others to find a good date.

We decided to cancel our second bi-weekly meeting slot in August since it coincides with sessions during Wikimania.

Action: Ainali will remove it from the schedule.

For information: Daniel Mietchen and Ainali will prepare a list with all Wikimania sessions that we can collaboratively tag which, if any, SDG the relate to.

Any other business

The movement charter

Question if we can get something about sustainability in the movement charter.

Mervat informed about the process and that it might be possible.

Wikimedia Foundation energy sources

Question if we have any new information.

No one knew more than what is on the page Sustainability.