Wikimedians for Sustainable Development/Meeting minutes 20230305

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User group meeting 2023-03-05

User group meeting 2023-03-05

Increasing engagement around 365 climate edits

  • How to get more people engaged?
  • Can smaller sprints and relays help? Or perhaps even teams? Let teams define their own rules. Perhaps even challenges between projects?
    • The page has been modified to highlight different forms of participation.
  • Cambridge climate society and Wiki for Human Rights could perhaps contribute to the 365 climate edits in some way. Depending on the capacity, it could perhaps set people up for the challenge when the Wiki for Human rights campaing end

Ideas for sustainability related submissions for Wikimania

  • Could we have a discussion on how to evaluate how a project/initiative/campaign relates to the SDGs before it starts?
    • Perhaps we could also suggest extending Wikimedia Affiliates Environmental Sustainability Covenant
  • 365 climate edits? What have peoples experiences of marathon campaigns like this been?
  • Showcase other people's work?
  • Activate the group around submissions

Action: Ainali will forward the question about extending the covenant to Wikimedia Deutschland.