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Wikimedians for Sustainable Development/Meeting minutes 20240616

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User group meeting 2024-06-16

User group meeting 2024-06-16

Separating the Telegram group into sub channels

Make a poll on the main channel if we want to have sub channels (for example for announcements, content to improve, technical SDG discussions, chat, etc)

Action: Egezort will ask the main chat.

Collaborations with other affiliates

Ask other affiliates to share news with us.

Make a page on our meta page to encourage outreach from other UG's. (Encouraging users to help with outreach, using that page) We don't have any explicit plans to reach out to any specific group, but let's keep brainstorming. (Les sans pagEs was mentioned as a possible collaboration around goal 5)

Voting on the Movement Charter

Two questions:

  • Who should make the vote for the group?
  • How should we vote?

Ask in the Telegram channel and talk page if anyone has any objections, if not likely to vote yes, if there are objections, we'll discuss further.

Action: Ainali will ask the questions in the Telegram channel.

Make a subpage to see which criteria we meet and which gaps we have.

We could create more concrete goals based on our purpose and the Movement Strategy Initiatives. -> Starting the creation of a page for our goals.

Action: Ainali will create the two subpages.

Create bots that share useful content

We could have bots that shared articles ready for translations or review for featured statuses. Bots could both share to Telegram (in a sub channel if it is too often) and add them to the next newsletter.

Create a subpage on the wiki for content collaboration

We could create a subpage to the user group page on meta for content to collaborate on.

Create a photo walk on Wikimania

Action: J.N. Squire will create a side event for a photo walk on Wikimania wiki and share with the group.