Wikimedians for Sustainable Development/Wikimedia Summit 2022

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Inspired by Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network, let's collectively write our application, that answers to the application questions here.

Engagement in Movement Strategy (past and present)[edit]

Please provide information about your Affiliate’s engagement in Movement Strategy (past, present, planned for future). Engagement in MS is not a prerequisite. We are gathering information to ensure continuity with those who have been deeply involved to-date as well as ensure that the Summit opens the door for people and Affiliates engaging in MS for the first time.
  • Has your Affiliate already been engaged in Movement Strategy activities and events in the past?
    • If yes: What has been your Affiliate’s previous engagement with Movement Strategy?
    • If no: What has held your Affiliate back from engaging with Movement Strategy?

Question: How do you envision your Affiliate’s role in the implementation of Movement Strategy? Feel free to refer to specific initiatives, recommendations or principles.[edit]

Question: How could participating in the Summit help your Affiliate contribute to Movement Strategy implementation?[edit]

  • Bringing specific inputs from the user group about *(lack of) sustainable development agenda in the existing implementations
  • Giving feedback to plans on future implementations in order to have sustainable development aspect