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Wikimedians in Kenya

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Wikimedians in Kenya is a group of users who want to pursue and continue to work in advancing and sharing information through the Wikimedia platforms and encourage and promote the contribution to the same platforms by users in Kenya. The user group precedes Wikimedia Kenya Chapter that has been active in promoting Offline programs and projects in Kenya whose charter with the Wikimedia Foundation was withdrawn after a series of unfortunate happenings that led to the collapse and walk out of some members.

Our Focus, Goals and Objectives[edit]

Our key Focus will be Offline and specifically the Offline Wikipedia for Kenya Schools Project. We however, will still carry out Outreach and edit-a-thons to increase and attract new editors of local content to Wikipedia. Our specific Objectives include:

  1. Work on completing the list of articles to be included on the Offline Wikipedia for Schools Project
  2. Work on expanding and localizing some of the articles to reflect the Kenya Syllabus content
  3. Creating a pool of reference resources for use in expending such articles
  4. Create localised resources to help with newbie onboarding to Wikipedia and provide, encourage and support editing and adding of local content to Wikipedia
  5. Organise regular meetups to work on specific tasks like expanding articles and other related Wikimedia Outreach programs.
  6. To add more

How different we are from the Chapter[edit]

We are setting up structures, process and procedures to ensure we do not make the same mistakes we made as a Chapter. We are different from the Chapter by our focus areas and the objectives we have set to achieve within a given time frame.

Measures of Success[edit]

Based on the key projects we engage in, we propose to have clear, measurable and achievable objectives within a given time frame. This would include:

  1. By the end of the year, we should have done 5000 articles for the Offline Wikipedia for schools project for Kenyas Schools
  2. By the end of the year, we should have organised upto 10 edit-a-thons to expand local and Kenya syllabus content on Wikipedia
  3. To add more

Period of Recognition[edit]

We request for recognition of one year as we work on completing Offline Wikipedia for Schools Project for Kenya Schools. Upon which we would reconsider re-admission into the Community as a Chapter or proceed with the User Group.



  1. Limoke Oscar : Co-Founder of Wikimedia Kenya Chapter.Focus on Outreach and Offline Wikipedia for Kenya Schools
  2. Alex Wafula :
  3. Johanna Havemann - previously affiliated with the German Chapter
  4. Ednah Kiome :
  5. Moronge Obonyo :
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