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This meeting[edit]

Wed 2021-05-05 16:00 UTC
  • 12 noon – 1pm Eastern Time - New York
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  1. Richard Knipel
  2. Mary Mark Ockerbloom
  3. Susanna Anas
  4. Elysia Webb
  5. Andrew Lih
  6. John Cummings
  7. Doreva Belfiore - user:dorevabelfiore. Philadelphia WikiSalon
  8. Jamie Flood
  9. Lane Rasberry
  10. Kim Gile
  11. Miranda Pratt
  12. John Cummings
  13. Luca Martinelli [Sannita]
  14. Kelly Doyle (joined late)

Agenda and notes[edit]

Items for every meeting
  • etherpad
    • Take notes here during meeting
    • Transfer notes from etherpad to this page after meeting
    • Anyone can take notes and format them here!
  • Note - anyone can add to this agenda or the agenda of any future meeting!
    • At start of meeting, we will move items around
    • Quick items first!
    • Confirm agenda at the start of the meeting!
This meeting
  • Introductions, projects, announcements
    • Andrew
      • Wikidata: creation of new Smithsonian ARK ID (P9473), Creation of "artists file at" (P9493)
      • Bot creation - adding Met depiction info, adding Smithsonian ARK ID
      • NMAI edit-a-thon with Kelly - team/co-pilot approach worked
    • Jamie - Jamie-NAL, U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Library
      • May 20th (11am-3:15pm EST) - National Invasive Species Awareness Week edit-a-thon, we'll have guest speakers to talk about Invasive Species and citizen scientist opportunities (for identification & reporting) and we'll be editing articles related to IS and related laws.
      • My role is now apart of the Agricultural Law program at NAL I'm working with the National Agricultural Law Center and Vermont Law School
    • Mary & Doreva - Philadelphia WikiSalon
    • Mary
      • Used OpenRefine to add info to Wikidata for all Fellow of the American Craft Council (Q106595976) and Pew Fellowships in the Arts (Q7179538), 300+ recipients for each award, many not previously on Wikidata, almost none of the existing Wikidata entities connected to the award (5 Pew, 0 ACC)
      • As of May 4, 2021, I became Wikipedian in Residence for Annual Reviews, "Keeping science current on Wikipedia"
      • For work with AR I will be using the login MaryMO (AR) for tracking purposes. I will continue to use Mary Mark Ockerbloom for personal editing
    • Elysia
      • Got Annual Reviews to make a full time extended position, referred Mary for that position
      • Learning coding, maybe a tie in to Wikimedia Hackathon
    • Susanna
    • Lane
      • What does it mean to be a WIR -
      • 1 Use WP for dist and dissem of knowledge
      • 2 Put media archives in WM space
      • 3 Events
      • 4 Taking info out of WP for the host org
    • John Cummings
      • seeking a visa to stay in Europe as a UK citizen
      • doing more structured data on commons projects
      • collaborating with experts to create Wikipedia articles about national labor sectors
      • offer to present on structured data on commons
      • Wikipedia now has a dark mode, this is a gadget in the preferences
    • Kim Gile and Miranda Pratt (first public library WiR in the US [cn])
    • Luca
      • working with the Wikimedia Foundation on the Universal Code of Conduct + Structured Data Across Wikimedia projects!
      • working with courses with several Italian museums with Wikimedia Italia
      • also 10 years of Wiki Loves Monuments in Italy, so we're planning a dossier about WLM impact on our common heritage
    • Kelly
      • Open Knowledge Coordinator for the AMerican Women's History Initiative at the Smithsonian
      • Smithsonian affiliate network is collaborating with the Wiki Education Foundation, supported with sponsorship from the Craig Newmark Foundation
      • planning an event with Cooper Hewitt in June for pride month
      • Kelly and Andrew collaborate, both have appointments at the Smithsonian
  • GLAM newsletter deadline soon -
  • Conferences/events coming up? Grants updates?
  • Structured Data on Commons questions and discussion
  • Image uploads
    • As Pattypan is being phased out, what's next?
    • Maarten Dammers has a bot to do lots of CC0 uploading based on Wikidata
  • Best practices for biographical lists
    • Smithsonian Funk List spreadsheet of women scientists/scholars
    • Cradle, Quickstatements and TABernacle, working live on Wikidata?
    • Fastest training cycle possible for Wikipedia/Commons/Wikidata?