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The Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network monthly meeting was 13 September 2018 at 12 noon Eastern Time.


This is an online meetup in the en:Zoom Video Communications video chat platform.


  1. Mary Mark Ockerbloom
  2. John Sadowski
  3. John Cummings
  4. Richard Knipel
  5. Lane Rasberry


  1. update on usergroup application
    unofficial word - "mostly approved"
    request from committee, Richard make a minor bureaucratic change in the filing, which he committed to do
  2. *Wikimedian-in-Residence position at Stanford University
    1. Wikidata focused
    2. Library sponsored
    3. Everyone be aware of the position, pass around job notice
  3. Request from Wiki Project Med to be thematic group at Wiki_Project_Med/Application
    John Cummings recommended asking Wikimedia Sweden (Sara and John A) to comment as they have been involved in various international projects and might have capacity to review such things. Also maybe talk to Alex S?
    If anyone has chapter affiliation then this application seeks chapter review and approval
  4. Events
    1. Wikibase Summit NYC September 2018
      1. Lane + Richard going
      2. John Cummings said that he had heard chatter about people trying to use Wikibase as a path to Wikidata but this does not seem viable right now.
        1. John Cummings shared his documentation on how to import data
          1. Wikidata Import Hub
          2. Wikidata Data Donation
          3. Wikidata Data Import Guide
          4. Wikidata Open Data Publishing*<>
          5. Requests for comment/Mapping and improving the data import process -
          6. Wikidata in Wikimedia Projects -
        2. John Cummings said that the way that he convinced other people in his organization to share data in Wikidata was that he demonstrated that Google search is adapting Wikidata information and personal assistants are answering questions with Wikidata. Useful links:
      3. Mary said that her institution was currently focusing on sharing images in Wikimedia Commons. Although they have a database of image metadata there is no obvious way for them to engage with Wikidata for this.
    2. WikiConference North America October 2018
      1. Richard is one of the organizers. There will be a Wikipedian in Residence meetup and some Wikidata trainings.
      2. Mary said that her husband, John Ockerbloom, is likely to be in attendence at this conference. He identifies when magazines were copyright renewed.
    3. Wiki GLAM Tel Aviv in November 2018
    4. WikiCite in November 2018
      1. Lane going
      2. anyone else should apply before 20 September
    5. Public Domain Day January 2019
      1. a celebration of public domain works
      2. Wikipedia Day + Public Domain Day
  5. should we be a "guild"?
    1. Still in conversation!
    2. How should we respond to institutions which do not fully credit their Wikimedian in Residence or community base for their contributions?
    3. There is an tendency for organizations to treat any outcome as a purchased service - wiki has a culture of more mutual respect
  6. Programs and Events Dashboard seeks admins
    3. Everyone expressed that they had used the Dashboard
    4. John described that he had trouble with multilingual use
    5. Lane advocated for dashboard to everyone and offered assistance in using it
  7. Wikidata+infoboxes
    2. Lane raised this issue but said it is not ripe
    3. consider how information from infoboxes comes to English Wikipedia through Mike Peel's project en:Telescope Array Project
  8. Commuication channels
    1. the group has a Facebook group
    2. most people asking to join are not Wikimedians in Residence
    3. John Sadowski can make call on approving / denying applicants
  9. Compensation survey?
  10. Regular meeting times
  11. Definition and scope of WiR