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This meeting[edit]

2nd 3rd Wednesday of the month at 12 noon New York time.
Wed January 15 12pm – 1pm Eastern Time - New York
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  1. MassiveEartha (talk) 17:13, 15 January 2020 (UTC) - Kelly - Wikimedian in Residence at University of Sussex's Making African Connections project[reply]
  2. Jamie-NAL (talk) 18:10, 15 January 2020 (UTC) - Wikimedian in residence at the National Agriculture Library in Maryland.Reply[reply]
  3. Emjackson42 (talk) 20:51, 15 January 2020 (UTC) - Wikimedian at New York Botanical GardenReply[reply]
  4. John - at UNESCO had a happy, snack-filled holiday break
  5. Andrew Lih - with Met Museum at Wiki Strategy, also collaborating with Kelly Doyle at Smithsonian, in Washington DC
  6. Hillary Thorsen - Linked Data for Production and Linked Data for Librarys Affinity group, meeting every other week to talk about Wikidata
  7. Richard - User:Pharos, Wikimedian at Met Museum in NYC, at Journalism School at City University of New York to do credibility session
  8. Mary Mark Ockerbloom - at Science and History Museum in Philadelphia, hosts a monthly wiki salon, good turnout!
  9. Dominic - was Wikimedian at National Archives, just started at DPLA
  10. Giovanna - Wikimedian in Residence in Brazil in the Paulista Museum for some years / Sum of all GLAMs coordinator
  11. Lane Rasberry

Agenda and notes[edit]

Items for every meeting
  1. etherpad
    1. Take notes here during meeting
    2. Transfer notes from etherpad to this page after meeting
    3. Anyone can take notes and format them here!
  2. Note - anyone can add to this agenda or the agenda of any future meeting!
    1. At start of meeting, we will move items around
    2. Quick items first!
    3. Confirm agenda at the start of the meeting!
  3. New attendee introductions
    1. What do you do as a Wikimedian in Residence?
    2. What organizational support do you want?
  4. Media featuring Wikimedians in Residence
    1. None observed?
  5. Events
    1. en:WP:Wikipedia Day
      1. Today is it! Happy 19th Birthday Wikipedia and Creative Commons!
      2. Happy Public Domain Day!
    2. Wikimedia Summit 2020
      1. April 2020
      2. in 2019 when asked, we submitted strategy recommendations for this
    3. Queering Wikipedia
      1. first LGBT+ conference
      2. 3 days, Austria, May 2020
  6. Wikimedia Strategy 2020
    1. On 20 January 2020 should be an update at Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Updates
    2. final comment period before sending to Wikimedia Foundation board
    3. 5-weeks for comments
    4. from Wikimedians in Residence perspective, advocate for institutional partnerships
  7. Annual report for this organization
    1. See Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network/2019
    2. Also see Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network/2018
    3. Let's develop a report structure which we can reuse and adapt yearly
    4. What should this include?
  8. forthcoming Declaration on Open Access for Cultural Heritage by OpenGLAM network

Sussex University working on a two-year project with three museums in the south of England to revisit their collections acquired during colonial period from Angola, Botswana, Sudan and Namibia. Part of this project includes making new catalog descriptions from the communities of origin and also photographing the collections themselves. We advocate for the photos to have free licenses to be shared in Wikipedia and elsewhere. This project is part of conversations in Europe about the restitution of African cultural heritage and working toward exploring the potential of "decolonial" practice

in the media - Andrew shared that WGBH in Boston was at WikiConference North America interviewed various people. Andrew Lih mentioned the project at the Met in this recorded conversation. "Andrew Lih, author of “The Wikipedia Revolution: How a Bunch of Nobodies Created the World’s Greatest Encyclopedia” and the Wikimedia strategist for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, breaks down where Wikipedia came from, how it works, and where it could be headed" Dominic shared that DPLA had a press release

John asked, how do Wikimedians get media attention? Do you personally seek this out or does this come from your organziation? Dominic said that his organization wrote a press release about this project. For Report for America, this project had other partners who sought out and arranged media attention. Andrew said that DPLA's head John Bracken was from Knight Foundation which has journalism connections, and Katherine Maher of the Wikimedia Foundation is on the board of Knight. John said that he often experiences misunderstanding in the Wikipedia community. Some Wikipedia editors routinely object to many projects, perhaps in haste, when many people feel that many projects should be able to happen without disrupting others.

Kelly Foster mentioned here:

Giovanna said that in Brazil many Wikipedians do projects in Wikidata. Recently we have been using Mbabel and developing infoboxes to present Wikidata. Giovanna said that she translated the tool for museums, libaries, archives and theatres. She translated it from English to Portugeuse, German, French and are translating it to Italian. Following this, they posted content into Wikidata which those boxes would present. Giovanna asked that anyone else share the idea of translating these tools. Related to this, they plan on hosting a workshop on Lua which they will record and stream ( Lastly, the Brazilian community is planning to participate in Art+Feminism in collaboration with two local Wikimedians in Residence at two museums.

Mary: I have a question about Wikidata and English Wikipedia infoboxes. What is the trigger to update infoboxes in English Wikipedia from Wikidata? John: Currently English Wikipedia is not typically connected to Wikidata. The exception is articles on telescopes. Because of this, editing Wikidata would not affect English Wikipedia. An exception is map content, which is often from Wikidata. Andrew: Also flush the cache to get the newest changes - Turn on "More Menu" in English Wikipedia preferences to add "Purge cache" option to get latest Wikidata Andrew: The situation can seem mysterious and it is challenging to get oriented. Many people have a long-term goal of getting more information from Wikidata. Some content needs sources or they will not be brought into the infobox

Giovanna: The most challenging part of this process is that different communities have different templates for infoboxes. Learning to connect French Wikipedia to Wikidata is completely different from German and English because the infoboxes are independently developed. (EN:,, / (FR:,, / (DE:,,,

John shared Infobox Carbon which at a glance seems inexplicable and not a good idea. It is only used on one Wikiepdia article for elemental carbon, and not for diamond or anything else.

Lane shared that 15 January 2001 is the date of Wikipedia's establishment and the date of Creative Commons website registration. Richard said that at the Met Museum Mary said that at the Internet Archive they have cataloging fo their collection and on 1 January they were able to change the licenses of 1924 works to public domain labels.

regarding strategy: Andrew shared that on 20 January, the 4-year strategic process gets published as a set of recommendations and summary of results. There will be a 5-week period of comments. Jeffrey Keefer, a Wikimedian in Residence at PCORI who unrelated to that is on the Strategic planning summary committee, has emphasized that everyone with comments should post them on the meta page. John Cumming said that he was on one of the working groups. He described how various teams have been condensing and summarizing all these views. Andrew remarked that 5-weeks is a very short period of time before the beginning of implementation. It is astonishing to rush this and expect meaningful feedback globally on such a short period. John: I am unclear about how big this will be. Some time ago there was a meeting of the working groups, all 9 of them, who produced 300 pages. Andrew: Jeffrey said that there would be 70-pages to review. What kind of comments should we submit? Lane: I just shared the link to our group submission to the Strategy working group which we developed last year with Esther Jackson organizing. Lane: We could either talk about this in our next call, or we could schedule a special additional call. Esther: If we want to give feedback we could meet as a group. In what form should we give feedback? Andrew: Jeffrey insisted that messages on the meta talk page are necessary. Richard: We could put out a doodle poll John: Am I the only person outside the United States? Richard: Kelly is in the UK! Lane: Giovanna is in Brazil! Kelly: this is the end of our day and we could organize our own call or just independently write something. John: If you met at 11pm my time that would be okay Esther: Will send out doodle poll for strategy meeting. Queering Wikipedia Lane: Please apply to join the Queering Wikipedia conference. Anyone wanting a scholarship should apply by 19 January. Giovanna: In Brazil we are planning our first LGBT Wikipedia editing event. We have a diversity plan with the Wikimedia Foundation to reconnect our group to the network of Wikimedia affiliates. We have a particular plan to develop LGBT+ content, in addition to more complicated projects such as collaborating with indigenous groups. Wikimedia Summit Esther will be the Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network representative to the conference this year. Mobile Learning Week conference John will be tabling to present at this conference their theme this year is diversity in AI Education Ministers of UNESCO are often in attendence 2-6 March 2020 in Paris Jamie: I wish that we could present species information on English Wikipedia from Wikidata! Jamie: There is a big discrepancy between the content offerings for plant species versus animal species: John: I am working on IUCN to import species to Wikidata from that organization, including probably 500k statements John: I am also working on a schema for Wikidata. I just ran an RfC for this. Lane: Could anyone who runs a community-wide request for comment or broad call please put that in the agenda of these WREN meetings? Even if it is not relevant to all of us, we have enough overlap in our projects that many proposals by any of us would be relevant to several of us. Jamie: Part of the reason why I am interested in having infoboxes is because at my organization, we are running education programs for invasive species and for endangered species. Many of the participants in these events will be new editors and the better infrastructure we have the more support we can have for them.

Kelly: The OpenGLAM network is planning to publish a declaration about free meeting. They have a meeting on the 12th of February if anyone wants to attend and also they have notes from previous meetings. John: There is a new Wikimedians for Sustainable Development project. If anyone wants to join the telegram group then please message me and I will add you. Also, I am seeking collaborators in projects about Climate Change.