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This meeting[edit]

Wed June 24 16:00 UTC
  • 12 noon – 1pm Eastern Time - New York
  • 6 - 7pm Paris
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  1. Doreva Belfiore - Philadelphia WikiSalon
  2. Mary Mark Ockerbloom (talk) 16:42, 24 June 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Agenda and notes[edit]

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This meeting
  • What changes have been made to Glamorous?

Old link returns 404.html: New link is

Running a monthly report, for "Portraits, Science History Institute" I get some strange numbers that I'm not sure to believe. I released 16 new Portrait files, and reviewed all 671 files, creating and adding to a Wikidata items.

What is a comparable for the old results?

overall wikidata en.wikipedia de fr ar es
Last month's results: 1055 326(1) 445(2) 93 66 75 50(3)
Total file usages (this month) 1754 573 634 145 93 96 213
Pages using files (this month) 1281 510(1) 406(2) 103 57 88 117(3)
Distinct files used (this month) 1302 516 396(2) 99 78 74 139(3)

(1) Wikidata usage substantially increases, as expected.

(2) English usage either increased substantially or dropped

(3) huge increase for Spanish


  1. Denny - I am WiR at Google. This month we release schema files which would allow a person to verify lexigraphical data in Wikidata. We have support for 5 languages, Basque will be our 6th, and we will do more when there
  2. Mary Mark Ockerbloom - as of Monday the Science History Institute laid off 25% of staff, including me. I am now longer Wikimedian in Residence there. I will be continuing online events as a volunteer with PACSCL, a group of Philadelphia-area libraries and archives. It has been a good seven years but the economy is not supportive. They shut down entire departments so this is a deep cut.
  3. Doreva - we are continuing with the Philadelphia WikiSalons which are monthly on the second Saturday. We always prepare a short video and PDF and put it on Commons. We are going to go into what is a finding aid and how they can be used for Wikipedia articles or other work. We continue to collaborate with the Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries (PACSCL - We are in the process of organizing multiple editing projects with them around their finding aids.
  4. Lane
  5. Hilary Thorsen - WiR Linked Data 4 Production - I have till the 30th in my position so I am doing a final report. I have some co-facilitators. I start my next job in interlibrary services at Stanford. Our libraries have re-opened and we have been getting services back up. We had a great call with the Program of Cooperative Cataloging (PCC). They will be doing a Wikipedia pilot. When this launches in July it will be open for anyone to participate. We want Wikidata to count for metrics which PCC keeps.
  6. zBlace - "Z" I do not have big news. We plan a first activity at my host Rijeka library, which got some media visibility (attention), though I was not too happy with how it was communicated and interpreterd, but lets see...
  7. Richard Knipel works in Met Museum with Andrew Lih
  8. Jeffrey Keefer WiR at PCORI. Everyone has been so focused on COVID. We have had two Wikidata property items approved for clinical trials, "funder" P8324 and "principal investigator" P8329. Almost all grants have a funder and PI so now these are available for clinical trials and higher education.
  9. Andrew Lih - Wiki supporter at Met Museum Wikipedia & Women in Science Edit-a-thon with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History with Kelly Doyle -June 25, 2020 12:00pm-1:30pm
    2. there is an experiment tool for the display of knowledge graphs
  10. Elysia Webb - New WiR at Annual Reviews. I am mostly adding information from their open access journals to Wikipedia. They just took some paywalls down and I am showcasing their work. At Wiki Education Foundation they just laid off half their staff, and I was one of them.
  11. John Cummings I am working with various EU projects. With Lane I am collaborating on a UNFPA project to share messages.
  1. New Wikimedians, new job postings
    1. Conference on College Composition and Communication - University of Maryland
    2. CCCC in mailing list -
    3. Andrew: We in wiki DC have collaborated with this team. They are in Maryland.
    4. Q: is this open internationally?
    5. A: uncertain
    6. Q: do they collaborate with Wiki Ed?
    7. A: little or not at all
  2. Tatarstan Wikimedian in Residence from user:Frhdkazan
    1. Smart region.Republic of Tatarstan
    2. from mailing list
  3. Media featuring Wikimedians in Residence
    1. From Centre for Newfoundland Studies - All Hands: A Wiki edit-a-thon invites Newfoundlanders and Labradorians
  4. Branding, update, do we want a call about it, any questions for core team etc
    1. Open letter -
      1. for people not familiar, there is ongoing discussion and disupte about the Wikimedia Foundation rebranding itslelf. This is documented. There are many issues in the conversation.
      2. Most recently, the Wikimedia community has produced an open letter asking for the WMF to pause advancement and permit Wikimedia community input.
      3. John Cummings: I am the WREN liaison to the Wikimedia Foundation branding team.
      4. John: I am collecting questions and comments which I will put forth to this group, and I bring this feedback to the WMF.
    2. Lane - should we sign the letter
      1. John - we do not have a process for decision making like a formal chapter. How should we decide?
      2. Z: We do not have a protocol for making decisions. Many wiki community groups do not. I agree - we should identify who has objections.
      3. Z: We want to provide options for people to express themselves openly as they are comfortable doing this
      4. Andrew: John, you have been with Wiki UK. What did they do?
      5. John - I would like to communicate that we separate the process from the outcome.
      6. Richard - I know this is moving quickly John and that you are just reading the letter. I want you to have time to check it out.
      7. Q: Are people both filling out the survey and considering whether to sign the letter?
      8. A: Yes, both of these are possible and encouraged
      9. Denny: I am curious to hear from this group about what people say to employers and external partners. Do people here call themselves Wikipedians or Wikimedians?
        1. Andrew: What do you call yourself, Denny?
        2. Denny: It depends on whom I am talking to. If it is someone who knows the difference between Wikipedia, Wikimedia, and Wikidata, then I tell people that I am a Wikidatan. If I am talking to someone outside I tell them I do Wikipedia.
        3. Mary: Even before the board suggested revising terms, I used "Wikipedia projects" as a general term that included writing encylopedia articles, Commons and Wikidata rather than making the Wikipedia/Wikimedia distinction. "Wikimedia" is very much an in-group term and people outside the inner circles of the community have no knowledge of it. It gets in the way when trying to talk to anyone else.
        4. Richard: Some time ago I was at Guggenheim where they emphasized Commons and Wikidata, so I was their Wikimedian in Residence.
        5. John - I always use Wikipedia, I generally find its just confusing rather than helpful to explain Wikimedia
        6. Z: it is a bit odd to talk about this because I am starting from a blank slate. in the first event we called our event "Wikipedia and Wikimedia" and they immediately changed it to Wikipedia only assuming that people would not know what that is. I am coming from an activist background where we reclaim various words. LGBT and black communities have reclaimed words which were previously insults and turned these things into positive terms for teh community. In Croatia we had no past and historic identity politics which existed in some other places in the world, and we could begin the conversation at whatever is contemporary and best.
        7. Andrew: This is a great comment. I did not hear that kind of conversation in the branding discussions, that we could identify ourselves however we want to present ourselves in the world and do not need to look to the past traditions in only a few places.
        8. Richard: take a lot at these options from the WMF (shows image and screenshot)
        9. John: The Wikimedi UK call talked about some of these today
    3. Z: Also about construction of the survey is problematic. The ordering of the options makes respondents choose them all, because respondents cannot exclude any options.
    4. This is due 7 July
    5. Z: one thing which should be addressed separately is the WMF's drive to do fundraising in best way. If this means using Wikipedia to collect donations for otherwise confused folks, then separate Wikipedia charity can also be setup as an antity that does only that transparently, rather then to split community in process now.
    6. Elysia - The Wikimedia Foundation has issued statements that they have not had discussions with the community because they are intimidated by Wikimedia community conversations. This is a flip of the Wikimedia community experience, where the volunteers feel intimated by paid staff.