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Wikimedians of Cameroon
User Group

LocationFlag of Cameroon.svg Cameroon
Country codeCM
Approval date5 July 2017
Official language(s)French, English
Mailing listwikimedia-cm(_AT_)

Velkommen til Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group (Q27335655)

Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group is a Wikimedia User Group (UG) that has the goal of supporting Wikimedia projects in Cameroon, supporting Cameroonian Wikimedians, and becoming the recognised chapter in Cameroon.

Note: We are a Wikimedia User Group, and not the Wikimedia Foundation or Wikimedia or Wikipedia. We are a group of volunteers helping to reach out to our community members and make them aware of the activities happening in the Wikimedia movement. This is to ease communication.

Below is our objectives and will be added over time as the group expands;

  • Promote the use of Wikimedia products in Cameroon and installation of MediaWiki software if need be in various locations. Also, promoting the use of Wikipedia in research institutions, such that they can get information anytime and anywhere when need arises. In general, creating massive awareness of Wikimedia and its projects in the Country.
  • Sensitising the Cameroon community about opportunities in the Wikimedia movement such as : Job Opportunities, Outreach programs, GSoC program, Conferences, Hackathons, GCI for secondary school students and more Wikimedia related activities to promote the movement in Cameroon.
  • Organise events in which volunteers will add more content to Wikimedia projects such as; Photowalks, Hackathons, Edit-a-thons, Writing Contests, etc. All these activities will be carried out by the User Group in order to fill the gap and document Cameroon content on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.


  • Build a strong team of developers to contribute to Wikimedia related projects including and especially MediaWiki. This team members and interested parties could be responsible for fixing bugs, building new products and improvement on the MediaWiki software, its extensions and other Wikimedia projects.
  • Building a team of volunteers and interested persons to write articles (ranging from 100 – 10000) about Cameroon-related content.This will be achieved through Edit-a-thons to edit articles, improve existing articles, and more activities to make information related to Cameroon and Africa as a whole up to date on Wikipedia.
  • Promoting Wikimedia projects and free content in general and to encourage the use of Wikimedia resources in education (primary, secondary and tertiary levels).
  • Organisation of conventions, conferences, meetings, workshops, etc.

Founding Members

Wiki Indaba 2017 – Accra, Ghana


If you live in Cameroon, you can participate in our events in person. If you live in other countries, you can still participate in any activity or project we have online. Feel free to add your name to become a member below:

Navn Brugernavn Bidrag
Barichnel D. Sonna Barichnel Sonna Global account information
Enyewah Bride Abanda Abanda bride Global account information
Egbe Eugene A. Eugene233 Global account information
Lontsie Minette Serieminou Global account information
Quartier Mozart QuartierMozart Global account information
Perside Rosalie Rosalieper Global account information
BILE René Bile rene Global account information
UJung UJung Global account information
Charlotte Pelagie M.E. Charlotte Pelagie Global account information
Carole Leuwe Leuwec Global account information
Happi Raphael Happiraphael Global account information
Aurelien Xavier Payong Aurelien xavier Information om global konto
Derick Alangi xSavitar Global account information
Georges Fodouop Geugeor Global account information
Jessica Eya'ane Cassije Global account information
Alexandra Tchuileu Lexy Tchuileu Global account information
Yann Nkengne Yanstv Global account information
Paul Emmanuel NDJENG Paul Emmanuel NDJENG Global account information
Ngagom Chébil Bolar N.cheb Global account information
Rita Bakop Ritbak Global account information
Frederic Papy Frederic PAPY Global account information
Chimene Ngu Chimenengu Global account information
Raoul Wembe WEMBE RAOUL Global account information
Frank William Batchou Frankywilly Global account information
Mireille Kouoh Mireille k Global account information
ARIANE DJEUPANG Jocelyne ARIANE DJEUPANG J. Global account information
Vincent Kamto Nekisvincent Global account information
Wilfried Kamdem Bobyphoto Global account information
MBE NDETATSIN Mndetatsin Global account information
Ingrid Ngueumeni Ingrid twinsy Global account information
Lionel Kuimi Lionel carine Global account information
Binui A Carole Carole binui Global account information
Sabine Lantermann Lantina Information om global konto
David Zeitlyn Dz3 Information om global konto
Kekiwiyi Johnbosco kekiwiyi Information om global konto
Ngala ngiringala Information om global konto
Typedef24 Typedef24 Information om global konto
Chiatiah Calson Nosclac Information om global konto
Ojong Yoland Taku Yoland10 Information om global konto
Ayuk Ruttan Agbor AyukRuttan Information om global konto
Pila Louis Asombo Asobo13 Information om global konto
Wandji Collins C Wandji Collins Information om global konto
Awah Nadege Tayebatu Awah Nadege Information om global konto
Nyimeh Gweh Gerald Nyimeh Information om global konto
Gwodog Daniel Danielgwd Global account information
Carine Babadana Carinebabarita Global account information
Fangue Bryelle Brypofa Global account information
Arno BOUJIKA BOUJIKA ArnoBOUJIKA Global account information
Noëlle Bomba Jeanne-Noelle2 Global account information
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Events and Projects

Current Projects

Upcoming Events

  • Develop a Website for the Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group to harness all information about the UG in one place - Hackathon.
    • In addition to the Wiki pages, Commons, Wikidata item etc... This website will also consist of link to all the Wiki pages and resources we have now.
    • The website will be the centre of all the resources, write ups and anything that mentions the UG in it.

Past Events



MediaWiki Workshop3
  • Regular meetings for discussions;
  • Workshops;
  • Lectures;
  • Hackathons;
  • Edit-a-thons

Possible Projects

WikiData editathon21
  • WikiCine Cameroon
  • Increasing Volunteer Developers in Wikimedia
  • Campus Ambassadors for Wikipedia
  • Wiki Loves Education
  • GLAM
  • Coding Da Vinci
  • OpenStreetMap Editing
  • Wiki Loves Museums


Get in touch with us via the following ways;

AffCom Resolutions