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Wikimedians of Kerala/Events/General Meetup July 2023

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Wikimedians of Kerala organized july monthly meeting as online on 25th July 2023.It was an hour-long mutual dicussion on Google Meet from 8PM to 9 PM (IST)


  • Co-organising of Train the Trainer programme in Kerala
  • Freedomfest 2023 and Wikimedia meetup


  1. Akbarali (talk)
  2. ഷഗിൽ കണ്ണൂർ
  3. വിഷ്ണു എം
  4. ആദിത്യ കെ
  5. ഡോ. ഫുവാദ് ജലീൽ
  6. ഇർഫാൻ ഇബ്രാഹിം സേട്ട്
  7. ടോണി മാഷ്
  8. അഖിലൻ
  9. മുഹമ്മദ് യാസീൻ
  10. ജിനോയ് ടോം ജേക്കബ്
  11. വിജയൻ മാഷ്
  12. മീനാക്ഷി നന്ദിനി

Important decicions[edit]

Train the trainer[edit]

  • Akbarali will inform CIS-A2K about the readiness and interest of Wikimedians of Kerala User Group to become a co-organiser of the proposed Train The Trainer (TTT 2023) program.
  • All participants in the online meeting expressed their happiness upon learning that the host city for this programme will be Kerala. Both online and offline, our members have shown their unwavering support for this event.
  • The fllowing members who will be assisting the A2K team with Venue Scouting and managing the registration desk for participants on the day of the event:
  • Online Support:
  1. Akbar Ali
  2. Jinoy
  • Onsite Support:
  1. Shagil
  2. Erfan Ibrahim
  3. Vishnu
  4. Tony Antony
  5. Akhil Krishnan

freedom fest[edit]

  • Freedom fest will occur various halls around in Trivandrum on 13th Auguest, not just Tagore Hall. Wiki will get one such hall. All wiki related programmes will happen in venue on same day. Wikimedia community has the full freedom to decide various programs on 13 Aug.

School wiki program can also be conducted along.

  • Facilitate willing Wikimania attendees to join the event on their way to WikiMania by flight overlay on trivandrum.

None of the attendees of this meeting will be going to Wikimania this year.

  • suggestions to include programme in freedomfest2023 wiki programme.

Photo walk in trivandrum - Shagil

  1. Movement strategy - discussion
  2. Simple collaborative editing engagement for participants for phone.
  3. Community members want training on video and audio uploads on commons. Training on advanced tools.
  4. Idea: Invite Instagram / celebrity photographers
  5. Shagil will invite a professional photographer (Hari) to join the event, who will teach about photography
  6. Shagil: Motivate editing in Malayalam Wikipedia by introducing their own town wikipedia page.


Online meeting for discussion of upcoming events. etherpad