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Wikimedia Singapore User Group
Country codeSG
Founding datePENDING
Official language(s)English
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Key peoplePoints of contacts
Mailing listWikimedia-sg

Wikimedia Singapore User Group is currently a Wikimedia user group in discussion phase. Mailing list is Wikimedia-sg and the WikiProject Singapore on the English Wikipedia.

Objectives & goals[edit]

The proposed objectives of the user group are:

  • Organise public outreach activities around the country;
  • Act as a hub for Wikimedians in Singapore;
  • Collaborate with other regional affiliates in the ESEAP Hub and worldwide where possible, and other thematic affiliates if and when there is a need;
  • Promote Wikipedia and various Singapore Wikimedia projects throughout Singapore and rest of the world;
  • Act as a voice and representative for the Singaporean Wikimedia community.

To achieve the objectives, we seek to organise activities to recruit new members, and retain current members. These activities include meetups, seminars, training sessions, editing drives, etc. We are also open to the prospect of partnering with other organisations to support thematic purposes, i.e. education (using Wikipedia as an education tool), open data, etc.

The proposed goals of the user group are:

  • Establish a foundation for the user group to grow on and evolve.
  • Expand Singapore-related content on various Wikimedia content projects.
  • Increase on-wiki participation from the Singaporean citizens and residents.

Current doings[edit]

  • Membership recruitment among existing active editors
  • Working group to work out the necessary logistics and paperwork

Activity log[edit]

The current user group started meeting in person on 22 April 2022, and have been meeting on a semi-regular basis.






If you are part of any form of discussion or are simply interested to help out, list your name on members subpage.

Every volunteer should set a contact email to their global account and subscribe to the mailing list.

Current list, 2023 onwards
Member Languages Last activity Email available Background
Robertsky en, zh 2023 Yes English Wikipedia (+many flags), Wikimania 2023 co-organiser
Kingoflettuce en, zh 2023 Yes English Wikipedia
Justanothersgwikieditor en, zh 2023 Yes English Wikipedia
Angal26 en, zh 2023 Yes Wikidata, Wikibase, WikidataCon 2023 co-organiser
HolyCrocsEmperor en, zh 2023 Yes English Wikipedia
R22-3877 en, zh 2023 Yes English Wikipedia
Osama Eid en, ar, es, az 2023 Yes Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikinews
Exec8 en, tl 2022 Yes Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikisource, Wiktionary, Commons
Old list, prior to 2023
Member Languages Last activity Email available Background
CreativeC fr, en 2018 Yes Wikispecies translation admin, Meta user