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Protocol of the regular meeting of Wikimedians of Turkic Languages User Group for September 18, 2021.


  • Remote.
  • Sept 13, 2021.
  • 14:00 UTC, 17:00 TRT, 18:00 AZT.


  1. Mehman97
  2. Sakhalinio
  3. Mardetanha
  4. З. ӘЙЛЕ
  5. Рөстәм Нурыев
  6. Satirdan kahraman
  7. ZUFAr
  8. HakanIST
  9. Frhdkazan
  10. Basak
  11. Wertuose
  12. HalanTul
  13. Kaiyr
  15. Maurice Flesier


Notes from meeting[edit]

  • At the meeting, all attendees were provided information about EDGR, proposals for the creation of a "U4C" committee and the creation of ArbCom's at different levels were considered.
  • Ideas were proposed for the creation of Arbitration Committees at the local level according to two principles: language and project-based. Specifically: it's possible to create an Arbitration Committee for a specific language, which will serve for the entire language community and projects (for example, the Arbitration Committee for the Tatar language). The second idea is to create an arbitration committee for specific projects, for example, all Wikivoyage language projects will have one central Arbitration Committee. But, for each proposal, there are both positive and negative sides.
    • To create an ArbCom at the local level according to language principles seems like an ideal way out of the situation, but here the question arises of how people from different projects will interact with each other.
    • Also, there is a problem with the linguistic principle in creating an ArbCom, since some language communities are too small to create their own ArbCom and this may not work.
    • More problems are associated with the creation of project-based ArbCom's, since the communities of specific projects differ greatly, including in terms of linguistic, cultural and mentally principles. Different language projects may have different needs and therefore it doesn't seem realistic to create a single Arbitration Committee for all language projects. In addition, this will require a large human resource, which is also issue.
  • It was proposed to create a single Arbitration Committee for sister language communities and projects. For example ArbCom for Turkic communities and Wikimedia projects. This will reduce the need for human resources and since these communities are linguistically and culturally close to each other, this will reduce the risk of misunderstanding and interconnection problems in the work of ArbCom.
  • It was noted that the establishment of a global committee for UCoC enforcement oversight is necessary, therefore the recommendation to establish a committee is welcomed.
  • It was also noted that it's necessary to create an instance where you can appeal the decisions of both local Arbitration Committees and the "U4C" committee.

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