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Wikimedians of Western Armenian Language User Group

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Wikimedians of Western Armenian Language User Group
Logo of Wikimedians of Western Armenian Language User Group

The Wikimedians of Western Armenian Language User Group (Western Armenian: Արեւմտահայերէն Ուիքիփետիայի խմբագիրներու խմբակ) represents the active members and editors of the Western Armenian Wikipedia located in Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora. As an official affiliate of the Wikimedia movement, we will join our efforts to contribute to the development of the Wikimedia projects in Western Armenian.


  • Empower and engage Western Armenian speakers around the world to collect and develop free content in Western Armenian on the Wikimedia projects.
  • Support dissemination of free knowledge in the Western Armenian communities in the Armenian Diaspora and Armenia.
  • Promote the creation of other Wikimedia projects in Western Armenian, such as Wiktionary, Wikisource.
  • Act as a conduit between the community of Western Armenian projects and the Wikimedia Movement on an international level.


  1. Organize workshops in different countries where vivacious Armenian diaspora communities exist, in order to engage new contributors to the Western Armenian Wikipedia.
  2. Support capacity building of Western Armenian community members through trainings for teachers, school principals, journalists, and camps.
  3. Arrange regular meetings with active contributors for discussions, workshops, edit-a-thons, etc.
  4. Create guides, educational materials to aid Western Armenian editors.
  5. Partner with different local and international organizations focused on Western Armenian.
  • Partner with GLAM to make Western Armenian related knowledge accessible for everyone.
  • Partner with universities, NGOs, and schools to support education in Western Armenian and the creation of educational content.



While this user group is just being created, all founding members have been active for the past five years in Western Armenian Wikipedia, as well as having taken part in workshops, Edit-a-thons, WikiCamps for secondary school students, Western Armenian program wiki weeks (for teachers, journalists, school principals, and others interested in Wikipedia), and other relevant activities. As Western-Armenian Wikipedians, we also organize regular meetings using internet chat rooms, where we share ideas and brainstorm for future activities.

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Anyone speaking Western Armenian or interested in the Western Armenian Wikimedia projects can join the user group. If you want to become a member of Wikimedians of Western Armenian Language User Group, please send an email to one of the main contacts with some details on why you want to become a member.

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Wikimedians of Western Armenian Language User Group