Wikimedians who don't like to be categorised

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Wikipedians who don't like to be categorised[edit]

  1. user:anthere, who is both an english and a french wikipedien-ne, a mac and a pc user, an Opera, IE, Netscape and Mozilla user, an american-lover and hater, an hetero as far as she knows, a meat-eater until she changes her mind, a woman till she decide to revert, and not only can't see how she could fit in most categories, but also does not like the idea much.
  2. Kerberos
  3. Mei Biatch, a DragQueen, a destroyed of minds, a pathological liar.
  4. SNoyes, a token of the type homo sapiens x2 (or however many we're at now). And going with the seeming convention here of categorizing oneself by computer OS: GNU/Linux user.
  5. Tarquin, who is a pipe-smoking tweed-wearing whisky-drinking Franco-Danish one-legged pigeon-shooting Mac-using moon-howling glasses-wearing taxidermist mathematician jazz pianist, gamer, speaker of l33t, wearer of hats, reader of Tintin, part-time cyclist, cultural snob, compulsive liar, who does not live in Surrey, and dislikes being classified and the segregation of people into categories, partly because of the divisions it creates, but mostly because of the serious risk of being lumped in with other people, as defined by Sartre.
  6. en:user:WojPob
  7. Zisa, a Mac OS X, Linux RedHat and Opera user, euro-latin, cross-cultural, unclassifiable, Appleinsider, Apple tattooed, vegetarian, female; normally when people are categorized in two categories i don't fit to those two.
  8. Athymik, who am I ?
    soothing voice
    Don't worry, Tim, you'll feel better soon, trust me...
    Just lie down, relax
    Are you confortable ? Do you want a sweet ? No ?
    Ok, then, let's go, I am listening, tell me ...
  9. I refuse to place myself in this category! -- Earle Martin
  10. Silume refers to a user only in the following category.
  11. cuiusquemodi sees and likes the irony.
  12. voyager640
  13. Greudin
  14. Daekharel
  15. Ryan Norton cache-22....
  16. Faridzenger
  17. PetrochemicalPete


Hum - isn't this a category? ;) --mav

  • Silume refers to a user only in the preceding category.
  • User:Alex756 elects to be in this non-categorical affiliation.
  • Taku
  • Patrick
  • ffx (I'm not even myself)
  • Mats
  • \Mikez 12:42, 28 Apr 2004 (UTC) of course I can(not) be categorized as non-categorizable
  • Sheridan

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