Wikimedians with slow Internet connections

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less than 14kbit[edit]





GPRS 48kbit[edit]

  • Gurmeet S. Kochar
  • Lighthead It's not that bad I used to have AT&T before; if I thought about the computer wrong, I got disconnected.

56kbit V90/V92[edit]

  • Optim
  • Noone (Mostly, obviously, this changes from computer to computer!)
  • ant1 — although usually, it's 49.3kbit!
  • Mark Ryan — usually 46.3 Kbps
  • Shallot — CONNECT 49333, when not at The Place with a Fat Pipe(tm)
  • JB82NetZero HiSpeed (I think this is the bit rate)
  • gracefool
  • Leonariso
  • Bquanta - At a speedy 50.6 kbps
  • El Chico — AOL Ugh.
  • Isomorphic - and with a catch: the machine hooked up to this connection is a 10-year-old Macintosh Performa 450. There are vanishingly few things one can do on the internet with Netscape 2.02, but editing Wikipedia is one of them. (I mostly edit when I have access to better connections)
  • Nichalp effective speed is much less.
  • Alphax 01:55, 4 Apr 2005 (UTC) — usually between 38 & 44 kpbs (but get fast wireless at Uni)
  • Ddawson 56K is really a myth!
  • Xen0phile blah
  • Diamantina My connection is much like that of Llywrch: I received my computer in 1999 and don't have enough money to buy a new one. And like El Chico, I have AOL. Ugh indeed.
  • Quadraxis Because i can't help it. I live out in the country and this is all i can get.
  • Aranda56 Hate AOL sigh
  • va_girl2468 - dial-up
  • Sarazyn
  • Cometstyles - dial-up (usually 50.6Kbps)

ISDN 64kbit[edit]

ISDN 128kbit[edit]

Wireless 200kbit[edit]

  • Dungodung why does everyone frown at non-power-of-2 speed?

Cable 512kbit[edit]

ADSL 1024/128[edit]

  • Hashar 16:05, 28 Jul 2004 (UTC) down from a 100Mbit/100Mbits directly connected on a 2,4gbps backbone.

ADSL 1 mb[edit]

2x 1gigabit optic fibre[edit]

  • Wikipedian with slow Internet connections

Since when is 2 gigabits slow?? (Or the previous three, for that matter?) Did no one read the title of this listing? Ddawson 20:41, 9 Apr 2005 (UTC) And no, I don't have this kind of connection. Who does?

HOW could anyone have this connection? This is faster than any connection people use today. That would be fast. You better stop being werid. (P.S. that was just a comment)--Arceus fan 15:40, 7 October 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]