Wikimedistas de Ecuador/Reportes/2016

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All over 2016, we got these results:

  • 30 events with 757 attendants that got to know and edit Wikipedia.
  • In june, we held our very first program to teach seniors how to read and edit Wikipedia in mobile devices. This was thanks to our alliance with Fundapi, and we had 10 workshops to show the people how to use Wikipedia.
  • In october, we started our very first Wikipedia Education program at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. A group of 6 students lead by their Cross-Cultural Communications teacher work and edit Wikipedia articles related to the topic, and they're ready to be tutors of a new student group interested in editing Wikipedia too.


Wiki Loves Cemeteries and Wiki Takes Cuenca[edit]

To start our Wikipedia15 celebration, in January 9th we had a walkthrough by the cemetery to take pictures of Cementerio Patrimonial de Guayaquil and upload them to Wikimedia Commons. We uploaded 188 new images to Commons of statues and mausoleums, and we had 5 attendants to this event. At the same time, in Cuenca, we had a Wiki Takes in Cuenca's Historical Downtown, with 8 attendants. They gathered 28 new images to upload to Commons.

Our first 'editatona'[edit]

In January 15th, we held our very first editatona in Guayaquil. This time, 6 women created and edited other women's biographies using cites and references. Overall, they created 11 new articles on eswiki, and all 6 created their accounts.

Wikipedia 15[edit]

In January 16th, we finally had our Wikipedia15 celebration. We did it at Casona Universitaria Pedro Carbo, a patrimonial house in where we had some talks about Wikipedia and Free Knowledge. There were 12 attendants.

Wiki Loves Parliaments Ecuador[edit]

Since 2015, our collaboration with Asamblea Nacional de Ecuador helped us get around 14 000 images relicensed from their Flickr stream, and allowed us to teach people how to edit Wikipedia in a neutral way. In this year we had 3 talks at Asamblea Nacional and a walkthrough to take pictures inside and outside Palacio Legislativo, house of Asamblea Nacional de Ecuador. We got around 200 new images taken from the insides of Palacio Legislativo, and 30 people learned how to edit Wikipedia.


This year, we had some informal meetings to talk about our progress as a team and to think of new projects together. Both of the wikicafés we had this year were held at Quito. In may, we also had Tighe Flanaghan visiting us and we got the chance to talk a little about educational projects in other countries and the way we could do something like those in Ecuador.

Wikipedia Education Program[edit]

This year was definitely the best for Wikimedistas de Ecuador when it comes to educational projects. We got the chance to talk to around 50 teachers from high schools and universities about Wikipedia's uses in education, and how to start a Wikipedia project in their classrooms. Turns out we finally had the chance to start our very first project in a class at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Ecuador, involving 6 students and a teacher, who have shown a lot of enthusiasm and are ready to help other students at their university to start other Wikipedia group. In Guayaquil, we got the chance to talk to 20 teachers from ESPOL and ITB, and to talk to teachers and students at ESPOL, along with two edit-a-thons in Universidad de Guayaquil and Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo. Also in Machala, we got the chance to hold two talks about Wikipedia and Education at a high school, where one teacher and her students were very interested in trying to edit Wikipedia.