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في الخامس من ديسمبر 2005 قامت مجموعة من مراسلي ويكي الأخبار الإنكليزية بمقابلة جيمي ويلز على شبكة الدردشة الحية على الانترنيت (IRC) بدعم من مساهمي ويكي الأخبار الآخرين و مساهمين آخريين من مشاريع ويكيميديا . حققت هذه المقابلة نجاحا كبيرا و تم نشرها بحوالي ست لغات و كانت مصدرا مهما لأفكار و اخبار أخرى . نتيجة لذلك , تعالت نداءات تطالب بإجراء هذا النوع من المقابلات , و هذه الصفحة تهدف لتنظيم مقابلة شهرية مع احدى الشخصيات التي يتفق المساهمون على اهميتها و ضرورة إجراء مقابلة معها .

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For January 2006:

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (5)
  • Roberto Jefferson (5)
  • Roberto Jefferson's neighbor (5)
  • Christoph Schultheis (4)
  • John Seigenthaler Sr (4)
  • David Askew (3)
  • David Cameron (3)
  • Boris Johnson (3)
  • Kye Lewis (3)
  • Frits Bolkestein (2)
  • Paul Mirecki (2)
  • Peter G. Neumann (2)
  • Heidi Fleiss (1)
  • Pelé (0 presume 1)
  • Santa (1)
  • Marcelo Tosatti (0)
  • Rick Wagoner (0)
  • Markos Moulitsas Zúniga (0)


Suggested interviews - February 2006[edit]

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Don Brash[edit]

New Zealand politician, leader of the New Zealand National Party - a conservative/right party - and lead them to strong gains in the 2005 general election.

Derek Sivers[edit]

Derek Sivers started, the second largest online record store in the world according to this. He was the sole developer for a long time and has enough tech knowledge, that we can include some tech questions. Cdbaby is a major supplier to iTunes. He has done many interviews [1] and should be a very interesting person to interview.

Steve Mariucci[edit]

Former head Detroit Lions coach, who was fired during the current season. There have been some rumors as to where he might head to next, the strongest one being that of replacing John L. Smith of the Michigan State University Football coach, who is set to retire soon. It probably wouldn't be that big of an issue for any other language other than English, and probably wouldn't be that interesting to people outside of the US. But something to think about.

Anne Abernathy[edit]

Anne Abernathy, 59-year old citizen of the United States Virgin Islands, is the oldest woman ever to compete in the Winter Olympic Games. She will compete in the Luge competition. 2006 Winter Olympics will be held in Turin, Italy from February 10 to 26 in 2006.

DVD format war people[edit]

One of the people involved in the DVD format between Sony's blu-ray and Toshiba's HD DVD. We could interview someone from either company or an expert on DVD's like DVD-Jon also known as Jon Lech Johansen the man behind DeCSS. DeCSS, for those that don't know, decrypts DVDs so they can be played (and copied). He now works for MP3Tunes and could also be interviewed regarding Sony's copyright infringement of his code. (See the wikipedia article on him).

Dennis Hwang[edit]

Mr. Hwang is the designer of the Google Holiday Logos.

Michael Geist[edit]

Canadian law professor, newspaper columnist, and blogger. Involved with the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC). Recently embroiled in a very public debate with MP Sarmite Bulte over her statements in support of expanding copyright law. An interesting interview on copyright law and tech policy, as well as Canadian politics, but especially in case the experience of participating in such a prominent, heated debate (with some name-calling and lots of heavy rhetoric).

Suggested interviews - March 2006[edit]

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Traian Băsescu[edit]

President of Romania. After the elections in 2004 have done many for promoting democracy in Romania and for the acceding process to European Union. Băsescu - unlike the other post-communist presidents - used his rights granted by the Constutution for mediation and Guvernment involvment. In every natural disaster until now went and talked with the people. In one of his visits he got a new godson. Recently, Băsescu was applauded in plenum of European Concile after he replyed pitiless to the Rusian representative about American Military Bases in Romania drawing a parallel with the Rusian Army in Romania for 13 years at the begining of the communist era. March is important for EU integration of Romania because this month will be realised the last report before admission.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital[edit]

St. Jude is a leading pediatric hospital and research facility focused on children's catastrophic diseases. The hospital has steadily increased cure rates over the years and has released a press release stating that acute lymphoblastic leukemia could reach 90% in the near future. The hospital is also one of the centers for bird flu research.


The company mission is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." The company has been criticized for copyright issues. Many have expressed fear that the company is becomming a monopoly and have expressed fear about the possibility that the company will control the world's information.

Ethan Zuckerman[edit]

Ethan Zuckerman (his blog) is the founder of Global Voices Online and serves as a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

Morris Dees[edit]

Morris Dees, founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center (Bio from SPLC), has crusaded against hate groups including neo-Nazi and racist organizations in the United States.

Suggested interviews - April 2006[edit]

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Pope Benedict XVI[edit]

After one year as pope. His first encyclical already published. Recently (24th March) created new cardinals.

Jon Stewart[edit]

Jon Stewart is the host of the Daily Show a fake news show on Comedy Central. He more or less covers the news of the day with funny commentary and has appeared on other shows such as Crossfire. On Cross Fire he completely took the show over by blasting both of the normal hosts for dividing America into two constantly opposing political spheres. Some think this helped push Crossfire into it's eventual cancelation.


Or more specifically Glenn Reynolds. Why not just go all out this time, eh? head straight on into it. Renolds is a law professor at the University of Tennessee. He's pro-war and pro free markets. His blog Instapundit gets quoted regularly and even has a parody!
His blog: Instapundit