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Welcome to the Forum, a place where the community can talk about what we're doing, our accomplishments, suggestions to improve things, and asking for assistance.

Feel free to start a new topic or to join in on any of the discussions! The Forum is not a place to make lasting comments, as discussions are removed regularly to make room for new ones. Please sign and date your post (by typing ~~~~ or clicking the signature icon in the edit toolbar).

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Open English Wikinews policies may be found at the Policies and guidelines page.



Open English Forum Created![edit]

The Open English Forum on Meta.wikimedia has been initiated... it's simple, and based on the en.Wikinews Watercooler template. - Amgine 8 July 2005 05:50 (UTC)


If you have any questions, need assistance on a project, or are just a wee confused about something, here's a good place to ask.

Installing in Subdomain[edit]

I created a subdomain and installed wikimedia.

Where can I configure an "absolute live site http:// path" (like with Joomla! CMS/ Mambo CMS) so that Wikimedia works correctly in a subdomain? Or are there other solutions to get Wikimedia running in a subdomain ( instead of )? Thanks!

follow-up: I am now trying [[1]]

How can we Associate the Categories with the namespaces.[edit]

I have installed the category tree extension and created categories they are working fine. the problem is that if i want to add an article and link that article to a name space how it can be done? please help.

How to Acssociate the new page with the existing Namespaces[edit]

how can i create new page under specific Namespace. please help. thanks