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RSS/Atom feeds are an important item which Wikinews is lacking native support for. Several different efforts have been started to give this functionality to the project, and more would be welcomed! Toolserver rss feeds for several languages are available at and,. These basically are sometimes used for scripts as well.

By project[edit]


An RSS feed for the German Wikinews by da Pete is running on Tool Labs. The documentation for "end users" is on n:de:Benutzer:Dapete/RSS (German only), general information and source code is available here.


n:User:Pechorin has built a screen-scraping script which builds and maintains the RSS feed for en.Wikinews. This feed may be accessed at Feedburner WikinewsLatestNews.

The script is available, and might be set up for other language editions which request it.

We also have other RSS feeds, including one for original reporting, one for our audio program, and one for our print edition. see Wikinews:Wikinews:Syndication.
Pechorin's script has been replaced by a PHP screen-scraping script. It fixes several of the bugs in the old script and is BSD licensed. It can be adapted for any other Wiki that has a similar story list page as EN Wikinews. --Cspurrier 23:50, 28 July 2007 (UTC)[reply]

n:User:Physicistjedi prepared an RSS feed for the Wikipedia front page news: [1]

We now have per category rss feeds linked from most portals. Bawolff 09:29, 9 November 2008 (UTC)[reply]


Also Spanish Wikinews have their own, independent RSS channel.


w:User:Derbeth developed own RSS bot creating RSS feed for Polish Wikinews with first paragraph of every story.

Bot should theoretically work on other language editions, but was not tested on them. Source code and documentation are available on his site.


Russian Wikinews RSS channel is feeding from n:ru:Викиновости:RSS-поток (automaticaly updated every hour by special bot written by n:ru:User:Artem Korzhimanov).