Wikinews logo contest voting/Runoff

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A vote was held to choose a new logo for Wikinews. In the process a concept was generally agreed upon but there are a number of versions, which were voted on below until February 12, 2005, 20:00 UTC. For more information on the lead-up to this runoff please see Wikinews logo contest voting and Logo Discussion (refactor of current threads).

The Beta logo that was replaced was:

The vote is now closed. The winning logo is (with variants in other languages):


(The version on the left is for sites which use western character sets. The version on the right is for the BG character set used on bg.wikinews.)

See /Archive for an archive of the vote.

Further variations can be submitted and discussed on Wikinews logo contest voting/Variants with no set deadline. That process is aimed at making continued refinements to the logo similar to the process at final logo variants which was used for the Wikipedia logo.