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Wikipedia & Education User Group/Showcase

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EduWiki Knowledge Showcase

EduWiki Knowledge Showcases are designed as a community support space to provide an inclusive and equitable community gathering platform for members of the Wikimedia and Education User Group and EduWiki practitioners across the globe. This plan revolves around Global Open Meetings hosted by affiliates within the movement with support from the Wikipedia + Education User Group members. The goal is to foster a sense of belonging and connectivity and inspire diversity within education programs. These meetings will focus on sharing accomplishments, expert talks, interactive discussions, Q&A, and networking. They will be organized periodically and rotated through different time zones. They will be providing a space for thematic programs that are successful in different regions to share the stories with our global community members. Our aim with the EduWiki Knowledge Showcase is to support the Wikimedia community to make an impact in the education sector and innovate new ideas.


Timezone Equity
  • The meetings will be rotated across time zones to accommodate global participants. We particularly want to include diverse and unheard voices.
  • We will provide scheduling tools to determine meeting times based on participant preferences.
Accessibility Considerations
  • We will provide a paid platform like Zoom Premium or Meet Premium to the hosts to let the meeting happen without disruptions.
  • If required, limited interpretation support will be provided based on the request from the participants. In our commitment to ensuring accessibility, interpretation services are offered to cater to non-English speakers, making the conversations genuinely global and multilingual.


This dynamic virtual event held on the 16th March from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM UTC, spotlighted outstanding contributions of our EduWiki community members in the realm of Wikimedia and education. This special segment commemorated the Open Education Week and celebrated EduWikimedians who have innovatively engaged with Wikimedia resources to enable pedegogical experience that drives impactful educational activities and projects.

We had 7 EduWikiMedians who shared their experiences and achievements with 22 participants by presenting their work in different formats. This fantastic opportunity highlighted their contributions, and provided oppourtunity for EduWikimedians to connect with like-minded peers, and gain insights into diverse educational initiatives within our EduWiki community.

  • The table below include names of Speakers and details of their showcase as presented on the 16th of March 2024 ;
  1. Watch the recording here
  2. EduWiki Knowledge Showcase: Open Education Week 2024 Slides
usernames Affiliation Title of Presentation/Showcase Summary Type of Contribution Contact Information Time allocated for this session
Ziko EduWiki UG etc. "Presenting Wikipedia" When asked to "present" or "teach" Wikipedia, which formats and what to content to choose? workshop (short presentation with asking for input) wikimail 25mins
Bruna Grando Projeto Mais+ Teoria da História na Wiki The experience of the mini-course "Wikipedia for University Professors" in 2023 A presentation about the experience in facilitating the mini-course "Wikipedia for University Professors" which took place between July and August 2023. Presentation teoriadahistorianawiki@gmail.com 6mins
Ugwulebo Wikimedia Nigeria Usergroup A presentation on The role of Wikipedia in Documenting History: Experiences from the Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa History Write-A-Thon project I will be sharing my experiences and lessons from the South South History Write-A-Thon project which took place between January 2024 and March 2024 Presentation Name: Jeremiah Ugwulebo Email:ugwulebojeremiah616@gmail.com 6mins
NikosLikomitros Wikimedia Community User Group Greece, CEE Youth Group A presentation of the first physical outreach program in School of Philosophy, NKUA I will be sharing my experiences and learnings from the first physical outreach I did in my university, which was in November. It was the first physical outreach in my university. Also I will share the experiences of founding a club. Presentation twinturbonikos@gmail.com 6mins
Hussein Issa Global WikiEducation Initiative Unlocking Education with Kiwix4Schools: Bridging the Digital Divide in Tanzania The Kiwix4Schools project in Tanzania leverages offline access to Wikimedia resources through Kiwix software, aiming to bridge the digital divide in education. By installing Kiwix in schools and providing training sessions for teachers and students, the initiative empowers learners with access to quality educational content, fostering self-directed learning and enhancing classroom instruction. Video Presentation kiwixtanzania@gmail.com 10mins
Ngostary2k Wikimedia Anambra Network of Wikimedia User Group Nigeria Say it with a photo: A new learning on photo upoads This project offered free knowledge and learning on photo uploads on Wikicommons. It is meant to introduce other Wikimedia projects with the aim of integrating inclusion on volunteers' choices. It had participants from the University community of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka and members of Awka community. The presentation will share my findings from the facilitation which took place in Anambra State from January 2024 to February 2024 Presentation Ngozi Perpetua Osuchukwu Email:ngostary2k@yahoo.com 6mins
Ballardmaize Wiki Advocates Philippines User Group Eduwiki Community Philippines: Journeying from virtual to classrooms: a report on Wiki Advocates Philippines' pandemic and post-pandemic eduwiki initiatives Wiki Avocates Philippines education program initiatives stem from offering open-access learning solutions remotely during the pandemic. A couple of years later, the group's Eduwiki initiatives led them to bridge connections to senior high schools through the WikiDunong project. This is a report on the group's successes and challenges in navigating hybrid education programs with in-person activities. Presentation imbrazal@gmail.com 6mins

Past meetings[edit]

Our first meeting was on Monday, October 2, at 9 am UTC, and was themed around WikiCamps. Our speakers included:

  • Susanna Mkrtchyan, Wikimedia Armenia
  • Natasha Nedanoska, GLAM Macedonia
  • Nebojša Ratković, Wikimedia Serbia
  • User:Vyolltsa, Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group

Watch the recording!

Our second meeting was on Friday, November 10, at 10 am UTC. It focused on fun ways of engaging with Wikimedia & Education, featuring two representatives from Northern and Western Europe:

  • Mathilde Louis, education project manager at Wikimédia France, will introduce you to Wikeys, the pedagogical game that teaches the 5 pillars of Wikipedia. She will explain the genesis of the game, its advancement after a year and her hopes for its future development. She will also mention its potential within the movement, including its translation.
  • Galder Gonzalez Larrañaga, Wikimedian from the Basque Country and project manager at the Basque Wikimedians User Group. Six years ago, the BWUG started a project to improve content that may be used by students, and we did it involving educators and students from universities and secondary schools. Now we are working on Open Education Resources, with our brand new project Ikusgela.

Watch the recording!

Our third meeting was on Tuesday, February 27, at 17:00 UTC.

For the last six months, Bukola James and Rocío Aravena have been working together to create a Theory of Change for the future of the Wikimedia & Education community. The report is now available on Meta here: Hubs/Ongoing/Education Theory of Change (February 2024).

In our Knowledge Showcase, Bukola and Rocío presented their findings.

Watch the recording!


  • We envision active participation from the affiliates, fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual support. The process of hosting meetings is an open invitation to affiliates.
  • Interested affiliates are requested to sign up below and show interest in the topic of impact for the upcoming EduWiki Showcase sessions. Please mention the support required at least a month in advance for successfully organizing the session.
    • For example, the Atlantis User Group focuses on the need for climate change edit-a-thons with students on Atlantia Wikipedia and needs support in providing a premium Zoom meeting link and translation support in the Elvish language.
Express interest here !