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Wikipedia & Education User Group/Working Groups/Mentorship

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Welcome to the Mentorship Working Group!


This group intends to form a mentor any interested Wikimedia groups (e.g., affiliates, chapters, user groups, independent programs) to develop programs related to Wikimedia and Education, irrespective of the model or the country. It also intends to form a network of collaborators (similar to a buddy system) who are willing to share learning experiences about successes and challenges around connecting Wikimedia with education. We’ve found value in helping each other improve and scale our programs, and we want new groups to have the support they need.

We ran a small mentorship pilot in 2021 with 17 people participating. Feedback indicated the pilot was successful.

Currently, in 2022, we are running a larger mentorship program with 36 participants.

Group Coordinators[edit]

  • Board Liaison:
  • Working Group Chair:

What does it mean, practically?[edit]

  • To coordinate with the Global Outreach group, and proactively look for opportunities to develop new programs.
  • To support requests for mentorship from affiliates and individuals who would like to develop new programs.
  • Form a collaborative network of program leaders who would share their learning experiences and best practices.
  • Coordinate with the WMF Education team and provide support to modules for the ongoing Greenhouse project.
  • Organise regular meetings to bring together interested members of this group to discuss the ongoing work and future plans.
  • Maintain a record of the work done, and publish reports whenever necessary.

Who is invited to join?[edit]

  • Wikimedians, affiliate staff members, and educators, who have experience of running programs in the context of Wikimedia and Education.
  • Wikimedians, affiliate staff members, and educators, who are willing to share their expertise with new program developers and on a one-to-one basis if necessary.
  • People with instructional and curriculum design experience, and are interested in providing unique inputs for developing an education program.
  • People with program evaluation experience, and are interested to provide feedback to programs on their course of development.

Sign up to be part of this working group[edit]

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