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Wikipedia & Education User Group/Working Groups/Resource development

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Welcome to the Resources Development Working Group!


This group aims to develop global educational resources, that can be used by program leaders across the globe to develop new programs or improve existing programs. This will help new interested parties find support and resources for their initiatives on Wikimedia projects. This may include (but not limited to) the development of materials that would help to kickstart a program, understanding educational objectives, tutorials of various tools that can be helpful in running a program, case studies, documentation of best practices, and creating learning patterns.

Group Facilitator[edit]

  • Board Liaison:
  • Working Group Chair:

What does it mean, practically?[edit]

  • To coordinate with the Mentorship Working Group and provide necessary training materials for the development of new programs.
  • Coordinate with the WMF Education team, and other tech teams, to make sure that there is enough documentation of necessary tools.
  • Proactively reach out of experienced people/affiliates in Wikimedia and Education, and encourage them to write case studies, learning patterns etc.
  • Curate and support the development of Resources page on Wikimedia Outreach.

Who is invited to join?[edit]

  • Experienced education program leaders who are interested to document their stories and help others in doing so, and eventually sharing their learning with others.
  • Folks who have experience in writing technical documentation for developers and users.
  • People having experience of developing educational material for students (of any level).
  • People who are interested in bringing together materials scattered across the movement to a central database.

Sign up to be part of this working group[edit]

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