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PHIROZAI is a Pathan tribe in Balochistan, Pakistan. Phirozai are Descendants of Mohib Ullah Phirozai.

The tribe is spread throughout KPK and Balochistan and speak Pashto as native languages. The Phirozai tribe is a Pathan tribe mainly living in the Duki,killi wall Zarkoon region of the province of Balochistan of Pakistan. The Phirozai tribe has a very long history, the chief of the Phirozai tribe is considered the chief of all the tribes living in the Wall Zarkoon region. The Sardar Mohib Ullah phirozai tribe is Sardar Naseeb Ullah Phirozai son of Sardar Din Muhammad Phirozai. The a vital role in the history of the Pathan State of Hosri. One notable leader was Sardar Shahjahan Phirozai, who led an unsuccessful revolt against the Pakistani government in 2000.2016. At the present Sardar Mohib Ullah Phirozai has a great impact in Balochistan especially in Duki area. He has great power and influence on the people of Duki by his honesty and generosity he has been given the title of Shahzada e Duki. From Narrative of a Journey to Hosri, Including an Insurrection at that Place in 1850: And a Memoir on Eastern Balochistan, by Charles Masson, 1833: "The Phirozai inhabit the valley of Phirozai, the one deriving its name from the other. Its chief is the hereditary sardar of Duki, and resides at Ghatt ... The tribe is numerous, and generally respected for orderley habits."

Other tribal leaders include Sardar Mohib Ullah Phirozai .Sardar Naseeb Ullah , Younis khan Phirozai .Mohammed Zahir (Secretary of Health in Balochistan and the Head of loralai sub tribe) and Sardar Shahjahan .and Sardar Zahir Khan Phirozai

Phirozai people are the most powerfull people .No one can answer them.Khan