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Wikipedia 15/Message

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Subject: Wikipedia's 15th birthday

The 15th birthday o Wikipedia, an the Wikimedia movement, is soon tae come! We're aiver tae mak plans tae celebrate on Januar 15, 2016.

As a wey tae haste plans aroond the 15th, thare's a page on Meta fer Wikipedia 15. Hinderly, we plan fer the page tae'v stuffs includin:

  1. Resources tae plan ploys an gaitherins locally tae celebrate the 15th.
  2. Mair speirins on skarin birthday photies, videos, witterins, Wikipedia content, an ither media.
  3. Wairnishment fer tellin the media aboot yer gaitherins.

Mony o the sections on the meta page hivnae onythin on them fer nou, but we'll be wirkin wi ye tae add mair speirins tae it o'er the neist twa-three month intil the ploys in Januar. Feel appen tae add, edit, and blether aboot whit ye'd like tae see fer Wikipedia's 15th birthday!

We're gey kittelt up tae be celebratin wi ye!

-The Wikimedia Foundation Communications team