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We are looking for volunteers to help us with birthday designs. Over the first two weeks of December 2020, we will be adding special, movement-related symbols to our Wikipedia 20 set that truly represents our stories, our purpose and our work. Ever thought “this set needs a stroopwafel”? Or “Would love to see a symbol that represents a very specific user group”? Or if you just want to lend your talents, we need you!

How it is going to work[edit]

There will be three, one-hour long sessions to brainstorm ideas, and one full week to make them asynchronously. If you can only brainstorm and not design, please join one of them anyway. The more, the merrier. If you are interested in joining a session, please add your name below.

Workshop joining details[edit]

7 December 2020 at 1700 UTC[edit]

Interested in participation[edit]

8 December 2020 at 1800 UTC[edit]

Interested in participation[edit]

9 December 2020 at 1000 UTC[edit]

Interested in participation[edit]

17 December 2020 at 1000 UTC[edit]

Interested in participation[edit]

Get involved in design[edit]

If you are interested in helping us create more illustrations based on the style on these Wikipedia 20 marks please email, telling us how you would like to be involved.